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Fall into fun and funds with these easy fundraising ideas

A fundraiser doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor. Take advantage of what’s already on your club, family, neighborhood and school schedules this fall to educate and raise funds for The Eliminate Project. Your club could:

Clean out and clean up. Forget “spring” cleaning; when seasons change, old stuff turns up to sell, plus crisper fall temps make sales more shoppable. Find an empty and available garage, deliver items the week before and gather Saturday to sell it all. Give out brochures, show inspirational videos and charge prices aligned with lives saved or protected; sell small items for US$1.80 (saves or protects one woman and her future babies), medium for US$5.40 (saves or protects three women and their future babies) and each big-ticket for US$180, saving or protecting 100+ lives. Hail shoppers on their deals—and lives saved.

Rake in the leafy green. You have to do it anyway. Why not get sponsors for every bag you fill with leaves, in your own yard and for others? One bag = US$1.80 and one woman immunized against tetanus. Raking is exercise, it’s eco-friendly and it builds community when you and your club’s Service Leadership Programs rake for others at US$18/yard, more than 10 lives saved or protected, plus per bag-sponsorship. Then crown the Leaf King and Leaf Queen at your October or November meeting.
Tip: This is great project for Service Leadership Programs.

Make marshmallow money. At your club’s fall festival, campfire, cookout or tailgate, sell US$3.60 pre-made marshmallow-roasting kits in addition to your other regular activities. (Most people will likely give you $4 and ask you to keep the change.) One kit saves or protects two women and their future babies. Provide extra supplies for spare change, giving each marshmallow fan a card from the Deck of Inspiration or information on The Eliminate Project to boost awareness.

You’ll find additional fundraising ideas and more at www.TheEliminateProject.org/resources. Don’t forget to share your fall fundraising ideas with us as well as post pictures from your activities on The Eliminate Project Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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