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A grand slam commitment

For the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln-Northeast, Nebraska, it all started when members Milford and Lenora Hanna joined other volunteer leaders of The Eliminate Project on a visit to the Philippines in 2010.

During the visit, they saw a baby with tetanus and witnessed the disease’s terrible effects firsthand. Additionally, Lenora heard about the tragedies of the disease from a young mother who lost her baby to tetanus just two months prior. It was a story they felt compelled to share with their club.

“We told them that story as soon as we could,” Milford says. “We talked to them about the project very early on to get them to come in at the Model Club level.”

The club decided to go one step further: They became a 100K Club. Since making that commitment, the club members’ gifts and pledges have exceeded US$100,000.

The club’s involvement is no surprise. Members were active in Kiwanis’ IDD project, and they weren’t about to sit on the sideline when Kiwanis decided to change history again with The Eliminate Project.

The club holds community fundraisers to benefit The Eliminate Project. In fact, Milford considers one of the club’s activities a good idea for clubs in other towns: Partnering with the local minor league baseball team to sell a select number of tickets to games. The team gives a portion of those proceeds to The Eliminate Project.

Overall, The Eliminate Project fits with the Lincoln-Northeast club’s support for both local and international initiatives. And it’s the positive impact on children that matters to club members—whether they’re making a difference close to home or for mothers and babies a world away.

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