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A must-have tool for anyone who communicates about The Eliminate Project

Whether you're creating a speech, a presentation or trying to secure media coverage about your club’s involvement with The Eliminate Project, it’s important to share the right message with your audience.

That’s why we created a fact sheet. It’s a must-have tool for district coordinators, Kiwanis club presidents, Key Club or CKI board members—or anyone who helps spread the word. Use this easy tool to help you write and speak about The Eliminate Project. In fact, you’re welcome to copy any of the messages and paste them directly into your speech, presentation or email.

Share the fact sheet with fellow club members or your team of volunteers to make sure their messages about The Eliminate Project are current and consistent.

Contact The Eliminate Project campaign office at +1-317-217-6213 or campaign@TheEliminateProject.org with any questions.

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