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Ohio has a tremendous cluster meeting

By Cindy Champer, Ohio District Coordinator

We had a great meeting in Ohio this weekend. There was so much enthusiasm and idea sharing, it was fantastic to see. The multi-division coordinators were all there and prepared to participate in their part of the program. (Ohio has a great team!)

We also had great interaction on goal sharing and we were able to close Model Club commitments and create a plan for after the meeting. Ohio is considering doing another similar training during the first quarter of the 2013-14 administrative year, to further strengthen our goals and position in terms of saving lives.

This weekend was also an opportunity for division coordinators to get re-energized in training and retraining their club coordinators. You can count on the office to provide materials to help create the materials needed for a successful meeting.

Governor-elect Jennifer was there and stated that the main fundraising goal for her year will be The Eliminate Project. In fact, she posted the following on Facebook after our cluster meeting: "The Division Eliminate Coordinators had a great training yesterday. Thanks team! They are an amazing group of leaders that have innovative ideas to share with our clubs. Please invite them to speak at your club's meeting or division meeting to share fundraising ideas and the importance of the elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus throughout the world."

The spring cluster meeting is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge and inspiration as we move toward our campaign goal. If you are a division, mult-division or district coordinator, don't miss out on your meeting.

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