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Five ways for Kiwanis-family programs to partner

The Eliminate Project provides a prime opportunity to bring the entire Kiwanis family together. Here are five simple ways to partner with your Kiwanis club and make a big difference for moms and babies around the world.

  1. Organize a customized fundraising event together. Plan an event with your Kiwanis club and support each other in organizing and hosting the event. Use our club toolkits and other resources.
  2. Raise awareness and present together. Organize a presentation to your Kiwanis club and share your current fundraising activities to support the campaign. Include updates from the progress page. In turn, invite a representative from your Kiwanis club to present at your meeting. This is a great opportunity to learn from each other.
  3. Create items for your Kiwanis club to use. Some Kiwanis-family members like to draw. Others create buttons or flowers. Think of items your club can use for events to raise funds for The Eliminate Project and start creating. From drawings as placemats to tissue paper flowers in vases to buttons and flower corsages for dances, your creativity has no boundaries. 
  4. Ask your Kiwanis club to match your funds raised. Ask your Kiwanis club to match your donations and make a gift to The Eliminate Project. Together, you can demonstrate your leadership commitment to help save mothers and babies around the world. 
  5. Share your story. Exchange success stories with your Kiwanis club. And don’t forget to share your ideas and stories with The Eliminate Project campaign team so we can share them with others. Contact the campaign office at campaign@TheEliminateProject.org.
Have additional ideas on ways to partner? Share them with us. Submit your ideas through The Eliminate Project blog or contact the campaign office at campaign@TheEliminateProject.org.

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