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KC Košice supports The Eliminate Project - How small gifts can make a difference

By Tibor Roman, president, KC Košice, Jozef Ondáš, governor, DIPF Czech Republic and Slovak Republic and Karol Balog, district coordinator for The Eliminate Project and member, KC Košice

At the KIEF convention in Bergen last June, the Kiwanis Club of Košice made a commitment to become a Model Club and strongly support The Eliminate Project. We actually started early as four of our members became Charter Zeller Fellows. For their contribution, the KC Košice was also awarded the Year of Leadership Club at the Geneva convention. All of our members made a one-time contribution, and the club received the 100 percent participation patch. We intend to repeat this practice every year until the end of our campaign in 2015.

But this was not it: The largest sum of support came in the second half of 2012, when nine KC Košice members enlisted as Hixson Fellows and sent their contribution supporting The Eliminate Project to the Kiwanis International Foundation account in Ghent. This was a strong boost toward our goal, and you can imagine how proud these nine members are now. At present, the KC Košice total contribution exceeds US$16,000 and we are only two Hixsons short of fulfilling the commitment we made in Bergen.

We strongly believe that by the time our official club representatives “rub elbows” with other Kiwanis friends at the KIEF convention in Berlin, KC Košice will be announced as one of the first clubs in Europe to fulfill their commitment and become a Legacy Model Club. Of course, all of this would not be possible without the activity, generosity and determination of our members who celebrated the 20th anniversary of the club charter this year.

We are also active in other ways: KC Košice members responded to the Kiwanis International Foundation request to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy and on the Kiwanis Giving Day, November 26, sent their financial gift to the KIF account.


Last week, we transformed our regular club meeting into a St. Nicholas Day for about 50 children from Košice and the nearby area. Also present were the “Košice quadruples” – one girl and three boys whom the club supports every year. Children from Čaňa kindergarten performed a nice dance dressed as penguins. The Clown, Uncle Balthazar, and his helpers also put together a show all of the children enjoyed.

As you can see, you can do both: Support your projects locally and at the same time support our worldwide campaign The Eliminate Project. We can tell you, small gifts from individuals will make a big difference.

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