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Eyewitnesses to success

This past year several Kiwanis donors had a special opportunity to witness firsthand tetanus immunization efforts taking place around the world. A delegation traveled to the Philippines in April and another group of Kiwanians traveled to Guinea-Conakry, formerly known as French Guinea, in West Africa in September.

Participants visited local clinics where mothers and children receive health services and gained an understanding of the progress being made in eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus, thanks in part to Kiwanis. They returned home eager to inspire others with touching stories.

UNICEF has helped eliminate MNT in nine countries since Kiwanis became involved in the campaign, but there's still much work to do. Read more about the delegates’ life-changing experiences and learn how you can help save lives by raising much-needed funds for women and children in the most poor, most remote areas of the world:

Education key to tetanus prevention

What trust can do: What I learned about The Eliminate Project in the Philippines

Our efforts are making a difference

Kiwanis delegation visits the Philippines

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