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Sometimes, a major commitment requires a lot of deliberation and effort. Other times it’s a fit that seems like an opportunity as much as a challenge. For the Kiwanis Club of Alexandria, Louisiana, the opportunity presented by a 100K Club commitment was clear. The club has more than 90 members, a 75-year history and a long tradition of fundraising.

“It just seemed like a no-brainer,” says 2011-12 Club President Donna Cafferata.

Fundraising has been a big factor in the club’s efforts. In fact, it’s one of the club’s signature strengths. The club holds an annual raffle and crawfish boil at which it sells more than 400 US$100 tickets for admission and various monetary prizes. When all is said and done, roughly 2,900 pounds of crawfish are prepared and consumed. The club hosts the event at its own 145-acre camp, which has plenty of room for activities and events for local children and members of the Service Leadership Programs the club sponsors.

A force for good in the Alexandria area, it was important to members that they contribute to The Eliminate Project without detracting from their service in the community.

“I’m ecstatic that we’re becoming part of a bigger picture,” Donna says. “But I believe we can make a difference with our global commitment without taking away from the local efforts we’re supporting.”

Thanks to the response her club has already given, she knows that Alexandria will be a big part of The Eliminate Project’s success.

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