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The Gold Country Kiwanis Tai Chi project benefits the community and the world

By Cal McKitrick, member of the Kiwanis Club of the Gold Country

The Gold Country Kiwanis Club in Grass Valley, Ca. enthusiastically joined The Eliminate Project and raised more than $2,500.00 during this past summer. Thanks to a Kiwanian Qigong/Tai’ Chi Master, we held Saturday morning workouts in a local park with a suggested donation of $5 per session. This project not only saved or protected mothers and newborn lives, but it also contributed to the overall health and well-being of our community.


To get the word out to the community, we ran ads in the local newspaper and on our local radio station. Our local radio station bends over backwards to help out great causes like this, and they ran our announcements for free!

Before each of our fundraising workout sessions, we handed out chapter fliers and brief explanations of why we are participating in assisting the world’s at-risk mothers and children. Often we had a local physician speak.

Dr. Savitri Ramiah spent 20 years in India working to prevent tetanus in some of that country’s worst areas. She would describe her firsthand experience of seeing infected infants die slowly and painfully over a 10-day period. After these presentations we would let attendees know that there was a basket on the table for donations. While donations were not required, we still raised thousands of dollars over the course of this project. When people hear about this disease, and how easily it is prevented, everyone wants to donate.

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