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Involving the entire K-family: The unique Adelphi Circle K Murder Mystery Dinner

Bowling Green K-Kids director Danielle “Big Al” Hallett poses with murder mystery authors DPG Rickie “Detective Nyck” Santer, IPLG Lauren “Evelyn” Sacks, AUCKI President Emma “Olive” Reed and NYCKI Sec Kat “Nurse Mary” Graves.

The K-Family from across Long Island and around New York State filled the Grand Ballroom at Adelphi University as Circle K hosted the second Circle K Murder Mystery Dinner for The Eliminate Project. More than US$5,000 was raised during the evening, saving or protecting more than 2,777 lives.

Involving the entire K-Family

Rickie Santer, organizer of the event, has been part of the planning of many projects for the Kiwanis Family so far, and he can say from experience that events that involved the entire Kiwanis family, and not just one branch, “have not been only twice as successful, but at least 10 times as successful.” Involving the entire Kiwanis family can bring in different ideas and perspectives, it brings greater numbers of helpers and/or attendees, and fundraisers are able to raise more money. “In addition to the greater impact we can make on the world together, by working as a family, I think it can have a very positive impact on our organization as well. I feel that too often people in the Kiwanis family feel that this is a CKI project, or this is something Kiwanis does. If we can break down those barriers, by working together and making it something that WE do together as a Kiwanis family, it will help all of us to be more successful.”

Attached you can view some stunning pictures from this unique event. And maybe you will want to host your own murder mystery event soon!

The murder mystery plot:

Set in a roaring twenties “Root Beer” speakeasy called the Half Moon, guests were welcomed by flapper girl waitresses as the gangsters and other guests chatted on stage.

Flapper girls do the charleston.

After watching the scene and some background video flashbacks, Detective Nyck and his assistant Olive asked the audience to help solve the attempted murder of lounge singer Evelyn. They sent the audience out to look for evidence in the speakeasy, the outside alley, the flapper girls’ dressing room, the janitor’s closet and Evelyn’s apartment.

Detective Nyck (DPG Rickie Santer) and nurse Mary (NYCKI Sec Kat Graves) assist Evelyn (LICKI DIPLG Lauren) after the shooting.

The audience was also sent into interrogation rooms to question numerous persons of interest including: gangster Big Al and his thug Larry, the janitor, police officer Roy, the speakeasy’s owner Ruth, the pianist Walter, a local nurse Mary, songstress Evelyn and several flapper girls.

Five Towns College CKI president Dylan "Gangster Larry" Gross and Bowling Green K-Kids director Danielle "Big Al' Hallett undergo interrogation.

After discovering the numbers of several safe deposit boxes, audience teams headed to the bank for a look at their contents.

After audience teams named their murderer, identified his/her motive and the clues that led them to their accusation, Detective Nyck and Olive guided the audience through the facts and motives. As they revealed the details of the twisted tale, several crimes were solved. This prompted the arrest of Mary for theft, Walter for the death of his predecessor pianist Charles and the arrest of police officer Roy for the attempted murder of Evelyn.

Bowling Green K-Kids and Faculty Advisor Rich Santer enjoy the show.

Fortunately, there is a “happily ever after” for Detective Nyck who not only solves the crimes but goes off into the sunset with lounge singer Evelyn. With the close of the curtain, the event had raised more than $5,000 for The Eliminate Project and entertained many Kiwanians, young and old.

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