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Italy’s clubs organize great events that combine education, fundraising and UNICEF

By Alfio Cavallaro, club coordinator for The Eliminate Project

Recently, as the president of the Kiwanis Club Zafferana Etnea (Italy-St. Marino District, Sicily - Division 2) and the club coordinator for The Eliminate Project, I organized a ‘Conference-Show’ for The Eliminate Project.

The event was organized in collaboration with the local office of UNICEF and was held on September 16, 2012. About 300 people, including club members, officers and citizens attended. The venue was the "College of St. Anna"–a conference room of the local church.

During the evening, more than EUR 3,300 (approx. US$4,300) was collected thanks to the generosity of club members (EUR 30 each), companies and partnerships with local banks.


The event was moderated by a science journalist. After the introduction and presentation of The Eliminate Project, the president of UNICEF–Catania spoke about the partnership and the efforts between the two organizations to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus worldwide.

An infectious disease specialist completed the first session of the evening with his report on tetanus, focusing on the neonatal disease in particular. His report was very detailed and clearly demonstrated the number of infants and mothers who die every day from tetanus.

We also combined the evening with entertaining the guests: In the second session, a cabaret artist and a storyteller enlivened the evening. The event ended with a cocktail party hosted by the Mayor, our partner, at the assembly room of the City Hall of Zafferana Etnea.

It was a unique idea to combine fundraising with education, and our worldwide partner UNICEF. More than 2,388 lives have been saved or protected, and we can do much more to support this worldwide service campaign.

Have you also organized similar events for The Eliminate Project? Let us know your ideas and share them with us by contacting Campaign@TheEliminateProject.org.

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