• Mark your calendar for another worldwide update


    In 2010, we made a commitment. With every passing day, we become closer to fulfilling that commitment and making history.

    Where do we currently stand in our efforts? Find out during our seventh Worldwide Report Day on November 12. District teams will update Campaign Chairman Randy DeLay on their fundraising progress and summaries will be posted after each call on the website.

    In the push to reach The Eliminate Project’s fundraising goal, each day counts. Here’s how you ...

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  • The Eliminate Project in the news

    Thanks to your efforts, The Eliminate Project continues to make headlines across the world! Here are our latest mentions in the news:

    Spring Valley Kiwanis celebrates 75 years of service

    Spring Valley Tribune, 9/30/2014

    For Kiwanis' Eliminate Project, one ride leads to another
    Valley Sun, 10/2/2014

    Los Altos High School clubs partner for fundraiser

    Los Altos Town Crier, 10/8/2014

    Kiwanis members fighting tetanus around globe
    Spring Valley Tribune, 10/14/2014

    The more publicity attracted for The Eliminate Project, the more awareness ...

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  • A message from your Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF spokesperson Zendaya

    Halloween is coming up soon—and as the 2014 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF spokesperson, I am calling on all trick-or-treaters to do scary amounts of good.

    With Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, a little goes a long way. Over the last six decades, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has raised more than $170 million to save and protect kids, so you know that’s a whole lot of good!

    I Trick-or-Treated for UNICEF while growing up in Oakland. We went door-to-door, carrying the orange box, hearing the ...

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  • Key Club International’s goal: Motivate each member to save or protect three lives

    By Maria Palazzolo, Key Club International President

    How much money would you give to save your brother or sister from an excruciatingly painful death? You probably couldn’t even give me a number. You cannot put a price tag on the life of someone you love.

    What if I told you that you could save or protect a woman and her future babies for US$1.80? Would you take action to save that family?

    The Key Club International Board met in October ...

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  • Giving a future with hope

    By Ron Smith, USA 4 Region Coordinator

    “The most significant photo I took was outside of a mud and grass hut in Wamena, Indonesia. It is a photo of a father with two children, one a 6-month-old baby he was holding, sitting outside of his home. He was extremely proud and had a big smile on his face. You could tell he was making a statement and proud of it.”

    My passion and belief in the elimination of maternal and ...

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  • A year of celebrating

    We begin the new Kiwanis Year, the campaign’s Year of Celebration, with our goal in sight. As of October 1, US$39.1 million remains to reach our goal of US$110 million. 

    Fulfilling our promise to protect millions of newborns’ lives—and millions of mothers from broken hearts—depends on the passion and hard work of every member of the Kiwanis family. We need everyone participating, in every district and club. 

    Let’s keep the momentum going. You can make an impact during the Year ...

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  • Indonesia: Bringing home endless memories

    Indonesia: Bringing home endless memories 

    By Emilia Gugliuzza, Florida district coordinator

    Upon arrival in Jakarta, Indonesia, my first impression was that people are friendly, cordial, willing to help and always smiling. We were greeted with open arms from the UNICEF representatives, volunteers, authorities and local government. Everyone works hard with love, dedication and perseverance to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

    At a local health clinic, four of us met a woman who had just given birth to a beautiful ...

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  • Check out The Eliminate Project on social media

    Social media channels are the perfect way to generate interest and encourage people to explore online giving. Share stories, news and your inspiration for The Eliminate Project to increase awareness, raise funds and ultimately, help us eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Check out some highlights of our social media mentions in the past few weeks! And don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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  • Thank you to our newest donors

    Thank you to our newest donors (6/17/14-9/16/14) who will help save lives and eliminate MNT forever. 

    Lead Gift donor 

    The Switzerland District Foundation 

    Brian and Miki Cunat 

    Major Gift donor 

    Atsuko Aono 

    Jackmont Hospitality, Inc. 

    Dato' Stewart Labrooy 

    Lance and Ruth Incitti 


    David and Janet Butler 

    Dale and Mary Bowen

    Jay and Diane Schultz 

    Kim and Heather Conrad 

    Arthur and Vickie Riley 

    The Huntsville Club Foundation 

    Sue Petrisin 

    The Downey Club Foundation 

    Kansas District 

    Terry White 

    Robert and Nancy ...

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  • Interlaken charity run for The Eliminate Project

    On September 13, 2014, the international Jungfrau Marathon took place in Interlaken, Switzerland. On Friday, leading up to this big event are always the Jungfrau Minirun and the Minimarathon. This year the Kiwanis Club of Interlaken organized a charity run where  members of the Kiwanis club and 600 participants ran 4.2 km (2.6 miles).

    The oldest participant was 71 years old and the youngest only 6 years old. Everyone was running/walking for the same reason – to help protect women ...

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  • Happy new Kiwanis year!

    Kiwanis continues to help keep families whole through our fight to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). Since the campaign started, the funds we have raised will help save or protect nearly 39 million women and their future babies. Our fundraising efforts help UNICEF implement massive immunization campaigns to protect women and babies across the globe. Earlier this year, approximately 1.5 million women of reproductive age were immunized in Haiti and more than 1.3 million additional women were protected from ...

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  • The Eliminate Project welcomes Aaron Cheung to the SLP Subcommittee

    Aaron Cheung from the New York District is the newest member of The Eliminate Project’s Service Leadership Program (SLP) Subcommittee, a group that advises on SLP fundraising initiatives for the campaign.

    Aaron has proven his leadership since joining Key Club as a high school freshman. He was a divisional executive assistant before his current position as lieutenant governor. He has been recognized as a Distinguished Key Club member twice and as a Distinguished Junior Key Club Member, awarded to one ...

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  • Raise money—without spending much

    Myth: You need money to make money.

    Fact: It actually doesn’t take much money at all to create a successful fundraiser. As your Kiwanis Club plans Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF fundraisers alongside your Service Leadership Programs, consider some of these low-cost ideas—or come up with your own!   
    1. Help others stay warm. Make sure the cold won’t bother anyone in your community by helping neighbors prep for winter weather. Have your club members set up appointments to paint decks, move ...

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  • Celebrate 100 years

    Make history of your own when you celebrate Kiwanis’ 100th anniversary with a gift to The Eliminate Project. Starting in 2015, when you give US$1,500, you will save or protect more than 833 lives and be honored with a Centennial Award—complete with a custom-framed medallion and other exclusive recognition items. 

    The Centennial Award is available for gifts made during the centennial year. Starting October 1, 2014, the Kiwanis International Foundation will start accepting early gifts and pledges, and recognition will ...

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  • Fundraising made easy!

    Saving women and babies through The Eliminate Project just became easier. In just a few minutes, you can set up a personal fundraising page to share with friends and family. The money you raise will help save and protect women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    Follow these four easy steps to create your page. Or follow the mantra that there is strength in numbers and create a team fundraising page with friends or your Kiwanis family club. 

    • ...

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  • What to share this month.

    The Eliminate Project will raise US$110 million to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) and help families in underserved areas of the world. Every day, Kiwanis sends a loud and important message—that these women and newborns matter.

    Earlier this month, a Kiwanis International and U.S. Fund for UNICEF delegation made a special visit to Indonesia on behalf of The Eliminate Project to witness immunization activities. Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia, is one of 24 countries where MNT remains a ...

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  • Kiwanis and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF stand strong together

    In 2010, we made a commitment. Now we’re on the verge of making history. As of September 16, 2014, the Kiwanis family only has US$39.9 million left to raise to reach its US$110 million goal. A recent US$7.2 million commitment from our partner at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF brought their total pledge to US$15 million and created momentum for us to reach our shared goal. 

    “We returned from the Kiwanis International Convention in Chiba, Japan full of excitement and ...

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  • Trick-or-Treat tips for success

    With Halloween quickly approaching, Kiwanis-family members are gearing up to collect money for The Eliminate Project through Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Help Service Leadership Programs have fun and make a difference in the world this fall. 

    There are so many ways to rally club members and raise funds for The Eliminate Project. Need ideas? Select one from the top Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF fundraising Key Clubs below—or come up with your own! If you have new ideas, please share them with us. ...

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  • A guide to eliminate our worries

    By Parth Patel, SLP coordinator, New Jersey District 

    Well, it’s that time of year again! Time to go back to college and hit the books. For many Circle K members, it also means a new year full of extraordinary opportunities. Opportunities to meet new friends. Opportunities to serve our communities and brighten days with smiles. And, of course, opportunities to save women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). For many of us in Circle K, balancing work, school, ...

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  • Celebrate 100 years

    Make history of your own when you celebrate Kiwanis’ 100th anniversary with a gift to The Eliminate Project. Starting in 2015, when you give US$1,500, you will save or protect more than 833 lives and be honored with a Centennial Award—complete with a custom-framed medallion and other exclusive recognition items.

    The Centennial Award is available for gifts made during the centennial year. Starting October 1, 2014, the Kiwanis International Foundation will start accepting early gifts and pledges, and recognition will ...

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  • Special 100th birthday gift

    On August 3, 2014, Craig Smith, The Eliminate Project coordinator for Division 10W in the Ohio District, was in Boston, Mass., with his family to celebrate his grandmother's 100th birthday. Rather than give her a more traditional gift, Craig and his wife, Laura, made a donation to The Eliminate Project in Grace’s name. Their donation allowed Craig and Laura to give Grace a special present – a Mother's Day/International Women’s Day Walter Zeller Fellowship. Grace was surprised by the gift, and ...

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  • Tips for success

    District conventions held during the last several weekends produced outstanding results for The Eliminate Project and helped save or protect thousands of women and their future babies from tetanus. Though convention season is winding down in the United States, it is just picking up in Europe and Asia Pacific.

    As we enter one of the most critical years of the campaign, the “Year of Celebration,” we need the support of the entire Kiwanis family to help the women and babies ...

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  • Honor service in the new Kiwanis year

    Kiwanis club presidents lead their clubs in service and fundraising throughout the year. What better way to appreciate their incredible commitment than by saving lives in their honor?

    The Presidential Zeller Fellowship is a unique opportunity to honor a club or club foundation president with a gift that will make a lasting impact. Current, former and future club presidents who serve during The Eliminate Project fundraising campaign (between 2010 and 2016) are eligible.

    Kiwanis clubs can make upcoming installation ceremonies ...

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  • What to share this month

    How much would you give to save a child from a deadly disease? 

    A disease many people have probably never heard of is killing kids. Not your kids, but someone else’s kids. Would you give up your daily coffee or a lunch out to save a child? See what other people would give.

    No one should suffer from a preventable disease.

    The head of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF has witnessed some things most people never have to see. ...

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  • Trick or treat to save lives

    For many, Halloween is the time of year for carving pumpkins, wearing costumes and collecting candy. But this Halloween season it is about saving lives. Key Club, Circle K International, Aktion Club, Builders Club and K-Kids members will once again set out to collect donations to help protect women and babies through The Eliminate Project.

    Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is a great way for Kiwanis-family members of all ages to raise money for The Eliminate Project. Participating is simple. 

    1. Plan a ...

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