• Celebrating the halfway point and 33 million lives saved

    The 2014 Eliminate Project walk at the Kiwanis International convention
    The 99th Annual Kiwanis International convention in Chiba, Japan provided a wonderful opportunity to reunite with Kiwanis friends from around the world as well as make new friends. It was also a time to celebrate our continued progress with The Eliminate Project, including surpassing the halfway point.

    As of July 16, 2014, the Kiwanis family and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF have raised more than US$60.9 million in cash and pledges. These funds will save or protect at least 33.8 ...

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  • Single largest gift propels The Eliminate Project past the halfway point

    Taiwan makes US$7 million pledge

    The Kiwanis family is US$7 million closer to protecting the connection between 61 million women and babies thanks to a new district-wide commitment from Taiwan. Campaign Chairman Randy DeLay announced the exciting news during the opening session of the 99th Annual Kiwanis International Convention in Japan on July 17.

    The incredibly generous US$7 million commitment from Taiwan—the single largest commitment to date—and an exciting new partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) helped propel The Eliminate Project past ...

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  • What to share

    Through The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis family will change the world. We will raise US$110 million to save or protect millions of women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus—and protect the connection that this deadly disease destroys.

    Last month, Kiwanis members celebrated the amazing successes for Europe and The Eliminate Project during the 2014 KI-EF convention. Here is a glimpse of what they experienced in Annecy. Share this photo album with your club and district so they ...

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  • Worldwide Report Day VI was a great success!

    On July 1, The Eliminate Project campaign team rallied together for the sixth Worldwide Report Day—highlighting district and worldwide efforts to save women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    Originally, I was not planning to be part of these reporting calls, but it was truly an honor to take part in Worldwide Report Day VI. I appreciate all of Randy’s hard work and accomplishments leading up to this big day, and it was my pleasure to step in and ...

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  • Lead and Major Gifts - Protecting the connection

    The Lead and Major Gifts Committee is committed to raise more than US$14 million for The Eliminate Project and help save or protect nearly 8 million women and their future babies. To date, our Committee has raised US$6.8 million. We continue to focus on increasing our total number of Lead and Major Gifts and documenting our verbal and pending gifts. Our committee members from around the gobe are dedicated to educating fellow Kiwanians about the devasting effects of tetanus and ...

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  • New Zealand-South Pacific District - Support our global commitment to help children

    The New Zealand South Pacific District continues to raise funds for The Eliminate Project. A great example of our success is New Caledonia (div. 6), which raised US$5,000 last month.

    As part of Kiwanis International, it's a duty for all districts to contribute to The Eliminate Project, and it gives clubs an opportunity to support a global commitment to benefit children and mothers. I encourage you to participate…at any level: honor your club president with a Presidential Zeller, set donation ...

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  • Minnesota-Dakotas District - A fun way to support the campaign

    The Minnesota-Dakotas District found a fun way to garner donations for The Eliminate Project. Every time meetings are held with a visiting Governor, our hosts hold a silent auction with proceeds benefiting The Eliminate Project.

    Kiwanis members and clubs in Minnesota-Dakotas will continue to focus on securing Model Clubs to meet our district goal, to save lives and to help eliminate MNT from the face of the Earth.

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  • Cal-Nev-Ha District - 100 is the magic number

    The CNH District is energized for the last 12 months of fundraising for The Eliminate Project. We are focused on getting more Model Club pledges, moving toward 100 percent of clubs giving and 100 percent focus on The Eliminate Project at our upcoming district convention in San Diego. We are rockin' n rollin' into 2015!

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  • Did you know…

    We have less than 12 months remaining in our campaign? What we do in the coming months will impact families in the 24 countries where maternal and neonatal tetanus is still a threat. Let’s make The Eliminate Project a unified effort—and save the lives of millions of mothers and babies.

    We have more to report! Join us at 3:30 p.m. for the last round of updates.

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  • Illinois-Eastern Iowa District - Our anniversary gift to the world

    The Illinois–Eastern Iowa District is committed to the success of The Eliminate Project and encourages Kiwanians all over the world to do the same. As an organization we are committed to serving the children of the world. We believe that every child has a right to life, and a right to reach their fullest potential. Kiwanians have made a difference in our local communities and the world since 1915. Please be a part of our 100th anniversary gift to the ...

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  • Pacific Northwest District - Difference maker for moms and babies

    Whether born in a western nation or a third world country, every child deserves a healthy start to life. The entire PNW family is proud to be working together to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the world.

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  • Texas-Oklahoma District - United for a common goal

    Kiwanis clubs and members should support The Eliminate Project because, not only does it represent responding to our motto of Serving the Children of the World, it also presents an opportunity to work together for a common goal.

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  • Indiana District - Counting on you


    The Eliminate Project is your chance to help repair our world. Search your heart. Understand the urgency to save lives and do your part. Moms and babies are counting on us.

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  • Kansas District - United in service

    The Kansas District is a family united in service to increase fundraising efforts in 2015. They will be assuring that every effort will be made while doing the Kiwanis way of fundraising to educate the public and broaden their support to eliminate the terrible effects of the tetanus disease. They plan to put it all together to celebrate reaching and surpassing their District goals in 2015.

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  • Nebraska-Iowa District - Lighting the way

    Lincoln, Neb., and the five primary Kiwanis clubs located there have set a strong example for our district. Four of the five clubs have pledged to be Model Clubs or higher: One club is a 250K club; three are Model Clubs; and the fifth club is considering a Model Club pledge. Lincoln is truly leading the way toward tetanus-free births around the world in the Nebraska-Iowa District. They have pledged to raise $415,551 from their 321 members, which is nearly ...

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  • Did you know…

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that Madagascar eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus? Our efforts are working in countries all around the world.

    Cambodia scheduled its validation survey for the fourth quarter of 2014, and Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania and the Philippines will conduct pre-validation assessments in 2014.

    We are taking a quick break. Check back at 2:20 p.m. to see what the next group has to report.

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  • Carolinas District - First district to exceed US$3 million

    On May 8, the Greensboro Kiwanis Club celebrated surpassing their 100K Club pledge. During the meeting, Royce and Jane Reynolds, pictured with club president Greg Williams and district coordinator Elizabeth Tezza, were honored by the club with a recognition certificate for the more than 6,250 lives they have saved or protected with their significant contribution to The Eliminate Project.

    The Carolinas District recently became the first Kiwanis district to exceed US$3 million in gifts and pledged raised for The Eliminate ...

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  • Georgia District - Pacesetter for Kiwanis

    The East Cobb Kiwanis Club is an outstanding club in the Georgia District. The club decided to become a Model Club with 10 members and made a pledge of $7,500. To date, the club has raised $45,177.37 and is recognized in the Global Service Society at the Diamond Level. Each member in the club is passionate about the project and believes he or she has an obligation to save as many mothers and babies as possible. The club uses the ...

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  • Alabama District - Doing the right thing

    In the Alabama district the Kiwanis Club of Tuscaloosa continues to champion The Eliminate Project. The club keeps the project in the forefront by reporting on progress at each meeting and by implementing fundraisers specifically for The Eliminate Project. One fundraiser was to offer each club member a baby bottle to take home to fill with change. The club is a leader in the District by encouraging other clubs to participate and by making a Model Club pledge.

    Why should ...

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  • Kentucky-Tennessee District - Improving the world, one child at a time

    The Kiwanis Club of Alcoa Tennessee is located at the foot of the Great Smokey’s mountains. The club has a distinct history of stepping up to the plate and going to bat for local and international campaigns to help children. When The Eliminate Project began, the club immediately sprang into action by placing small buckets at each table during weekly meetings. The buckets allowed members to place pocket change and other monies for the distinct purpose of protecting lives from ...

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  • Louisiana-Mississippi-W. Tennessee District - Counting our blessings

    The Kiwanis Club of Acadiana-Lafayette was an early leader in our district. Several members really had a passion for The Eliminate Project and pledged early on to become Model Clubs thanks to Multi-Division Coordinator Bill Penny. When the Acadiana-Lafayette club became close to Model Club completion, members stepped up their pledge to Gold Level. In May, they surpassed Gold Level by raising US$31,089. They are now considering the next level.

    The Kiwanis Club of Alexandria is another leader in our ...

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  • Florida District - Delivering a special anniversary gift

    The Hialeah Club was just chartered in Hialeah, Fla., and has already pledged to be a Model Club. What a wonderful way for their members to get excited about being in Kiwanis. Each of their members will save or protect 416 lives over the next five years. How thrilling!

    Kiwanis members in general have a heart of giving—a heart of gold! The Florida District has always been generous. Throughout our travels we hear stories of generosity and giving; the Florida ...

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  • Capital District - Proof that Kiwanis is about kids

    Capital District’s 48-member Kiwanis Club of Rockville is a shining example of a club translating its IDD campaign total giving of $32,000 into an incentive to become a 100K Club for The Eliminate Project. The club was an early Year of Leadership donor. It secured five Charter Zellers at Geneva and now has 14 Zellers. It became the first District Model Club (now Legacy), had the first Major Gift donor in the district and the district’s second Lead Gift donor. ...

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  • Rocky Mountain District - Champions of the cause

    The Rocky Mountain district offers these words to districts and clubs who want to support The Eliminate Project:
    • Don’t give up until we reach our goal.
    • Talk to anyone who will listen.
    • Keep looking for champions of the cause.
    • Remember the mission: Kiwanis and UNICEF will eliminate MNT and give the poorest families the chance to lead the healthy lives they deserve.

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  • Montana District - Opportunity of the decade

    An outstanding club in the Montana District is the Helena Club. It has collected/pledged $52,916—25 percent of the total district gifts. It has produced eight of the 31 Zellers from the district plus one of the two Lead Gifts. Club members have raised additional funds by conducting new events, committing funds from the foundation account and passing a “pocket change can change the world” can around at meetings. They hold weekly golf outings and sell three mulligans for $5. This ...

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