• The Eliminate Project in the news

    Thanks to your efforts, The Eliminate Project continues to make headlines across the world! Here are our latest mentions in the news:

    Neonatal tetanus eliminated from Bihar
    Times of India, 1/7/15

    Kiwanis International Turns 100 Years Old This Month
    High Country Press, 1/22/15

    The more publicity attracted for The Eliminate Project, the more awareness and funds Kiwanis International will be able to raise for the women and babies the project protects. Need help publicizing The Eliminate Project and your club’s ...

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  • Thank you to our newest donors

    Thank you to our newest donors (1/6/15-1/20/15) who will help save lives and eliminate MNT forever. 

    100K Clubs

    Russellville / Missouri-Arkansas district

    Model Clubs

    (Legacy Model Clubs are listed in bold.)

    Allentown / Pennsylvania district
    Alphen Aan Den Rijn  / Netherlands district
    Apeldoorn  / Netherlands district
    Audubon, Baton Rouge / La-Miss-W.Tn district
    Bridgetown / Missouri-Arkansas district
    Columbia Falls / Montana district
    Hugoton / Kansas district
    Lincoln Southeast / Nebraska-Iowa district
    Manchester / Kentucky-Tennessee district
    Paterno / Italy-San Marino district...

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  • Roses are red. Violets are blue.

    February marks the month when Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries. Children often create construction paper valentines with glue, glitter, lace—and love. On February 14, they lovingly present their works of art to their sweethearts—their moms. A special bond exists between a child and a mother, a bond The Eliminate Project seeks to protect. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day and honor those you love with a gift of love.

    You can also express your love by supporting Circle ...

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  • Help us save babies

    Please help us save babies. Change your Facebook cover photo to show your support of The Eliminate Project.

    To change your cover photo:

    1. Download the Save a Baby a Day graphic to your computer.

    2. Go to your Facebook profile.

    3. Click Add a Cover, or hover over your cover photo and click Change Cover.

    4. Upload the Save a Baby a Day graphic.

    5. Include the following, “It costs US1.80 to protect a baby from maternal and neonatal ...

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  • What to share this month

    As we celebrate Kiwanis’ 100th birthday, let's also take a moment to celebrate the many birthdays Kiwanians will make possible through The Eliminate Project. Your support and generosity help provide lifesaving vaccines to protect women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT)—a deadly disease that claims the lives of 134 newborns every day.

    Help create more happy birthdays. Share this video with family and friends and invite them to join the fight to eliminate MNT. Just US$1.80 protects a ...

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  • January club spotlight

    The Kiwanis Club of Etneo in the Italy-San Marino District is one of the most recent clubs to become a Model Club, and one of 28 Model Clubs in the district. Through The Eliminate Project, the 16-member club will help save or protect women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). Club members have already started working toward their US$12,000 goal.

    “In order to complete our Model Club pledge, our Kiwanis club has already started selling sweets, honey, little ...

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  • Celebrate 100 years of service

    Happy birthday, Kiwanis International!

    Kiwanis celebrated its 100th anniversary this month. And Kiwanians worldwide will continue the celebration all year to honor our organization’s century-old history.

    “The centennial is really special,” says Judy Kramer, USA 5 region coordinator for The Eliminate Project. “It means 100 years of making a difference. Why wouldn't we want to honor that?”

    You can honor the Kiwanis legacy—while extending your impact into the future.

    With a gift of US$1,500 to Kiwanis International, you will be ...

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  • Happy 2015 from President Button

    Dear Kiwanis friends,

    Happy 100th Anniversary! You are part of Kiwanis’ century-long legacy of serving the children of the world. It is humbling to be part of an organization that is helping countless people around the world. I trust you have the same feeling.

    As we celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2015, I invite you to be part of Kiwanis’ anniversary gift to the world—a world free of maternal and neonatal tetanus. When I went to Guinea in 2012 to ...

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  • Preparing for midyear conferences

    The holidays have passed, and we are focused on the finish line. Districts around the world are working hard to help Kiwanis celebrate victory. To date, The Eliminate Project has raised more than US$74.2 million in cash and pledges, but there is still work to be done. Families in 24 countries still need our help.

    To declare success, The Eliminate Project needs support from the entire Kiwanis family. District-wide events, such as midyear conferences, provide an opportunity to kindle support ...

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  • What does it mean to be a member of the Kiwanis family?

    by Kathy Le, Circle K International President 2014 - 2015

    Being a member of the Kiwanis family means the ability to impact communities all around the world through the support and guidance of other servant leaders. Because of a program implemented by the Kiwanis Club of Edmonton, the University of Alberta Circle K members understand what it means to be a true Kiwanian.

    When I first joined the University of Alberta Circle K Club, I was introduced to The Eliminate ...

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  • Oceanside New York K Kids Clubs set new record for The Eliminate Project

    By Thomas Cesiro III, Oceanside Kiwanis Club president

    During the month of October the Oceanside K Kids Club organized a school-wide challenge for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Each class was challenged to see who would bring in the most money for the program. The winner would win a pizza party and a new classroom Kindle.

    On behalf of the Oceanside School 5 student body, the K Kids presented a check to the Oceanside Kiwanis Club in the amount of US$3,300, which ...

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  • Parade of donations saves nearly 10,000 lives

    Nearly 10,000 lives were saved or protected from maternal and neonatal tetanus on October 3 as the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada board visited Calgary to share an evening of fun and fellowship with the Kiwanis family.

    Jim Steele (center), Kiwanis Foundation of Canada treasurer, puts the check away for safekeeping after Eric Low (left), University of Calgary Circle K International (CKI) president, presented a $1,200 check for The Eliminate Project. Chuck McIlravey, Canada and the Caribbean region coordinator, is on ...

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  • Thank you to our newest donors

    Thank you to our newest donors (12/10/14-1/5/15) who will help save lives and eliminate MNT forever. 

    Model Clubs 

    Absolute Catania Terra Dei Ciclopi / Italy-San Marino District

    Baldwin / Pennsylvania District

    Baton Rouge Early Risers / La-Miss-W.Tn District

    Buckhead / Georgia District

    Dallas Park Cities / Texas-Oklahoma District

    Dieppe / France Monaco District

    East Memphis / La-Miss-W.Tn District

    Etneo / Italy-San Marino District

    Evergreen / Rocky Mountain District

    Fort Myers-Metro McGregor / Florida District

    Gemme Bassa Valsesia / Italy-San Marino District

    Greater Tacoma / Pacific Northwest District

    Immokalee / ...

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  • Happy New Year – and happy centennial year to Kiwanis International!

    During the time when people vow to make changes for personal improvement, resolve to be a strong advocate for women and babies in the coming year. Through supporting The Eliminate Project you can keep your resolution and bring positive change to the world.

    The Eliminate Project enters the final fundraising phase of its campaign with one goal in mind: a world without maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

    Here are a few ways you can make an impact in 2015:

    Honor ...

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  • It's not too late to send in your Trick-or-Treat funds


    Halloween festivities may be over, but there’s still reason to celebrate. Your hard work brought in donations for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. It’s now time to transform those funds into something even better than Halloween treats: A way to protect women and their future babies.

    There are two easy ways to send in your donations once they’re collected:

    1. By credit card: Call 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 411
    2. By check: Send a check or money order (payable to the Kiwanis ...

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  • Challenge your friends to save a baby a day

    Challenge your friends to save a baby a day.  To protect a mom and her future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus, it only costs US$1.80.  

    That’s less than most people spend on a cup of coffee. Spread the word! Challenge your friends and family to make a commitment that results in saving babies every single day. 

    Step 1: 

    Record your challenge on your phone. Say something like: “I saved a baby a day for a year. I ...

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  • Turning a global effort into a worldwide achievement

    Earlier this year, we rejoiced as the World Health Organization announced that newborns and mothers in Madagascar were free from tetanus. We also celebrated the news that 15 percent fewer babies are dying from neonatal tetanus worldwide. According to a new report by the Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group approximately 25 fewer babies die each day.

    2015 will bring more reasons to celebrate thanks to Kiwanis, UNICEF and its partners’ support. Cambodia, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania and the Philippines will conduct ...

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  • Sharing passion to eliminate MNT

    Kiwanis family members around the world have embraced The Eliminate Project. They are sharing their passion. They are doing service. They are raising funds. They are helping to reach our fundraising goal–and saving or protecting more than 61 million women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    Here are just a few examples of the numerous ways the Kiwanis family has engaged in fundraising and service for The Eliminate Project during the past year. Use these as a ...

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  • Witnessing progress around the world

    This past year brought memorable opportunities for several Kiwanis donors to witness UNICEF-led immunization efforts firsthand. Kiwanians visited Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) this past November. Before that, groups traveled to Indonesia in September, Haiti in April and Kenya in March.

    During these trips, Kiwanis members met local medical workers, visited clinics and schools, and observed health services, including tetanus vaccination campaigns. Through the experiences participants gained a better understanding of the progress being made.

    To date, 35 countries...

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  • A year in review

    Happy holidays from The Eliminate Project. As you prepare for a new year, we want to thank you for making 2014 extraordinary. In the last year, total funds raised for The Eliminate Project increased by US$28.5 million. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we will help save or protect more than 15.8 million women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). 

    The Kiwanis family is on the verge of making history. As of December 16, 2014, ...

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  • Club spotlight: Dreaming of a better world through The Eliminate Project

    The Kiwanis Club of Juppiter Reggio Calabria recently committed to become a 100K Club, the first in the Italy-San Marino District. Thanks to the support of the Junior Juppiter Reggio Calabria club, the members will help save or protect more than 55,555 women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

    Here is what the Juppiter Reggio Calabria club president, Francesco Garaffa, had to share about the exciting new commitment.

    Why are club members motivated to protect moms ...

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  • The Eliminate Project in the news

    Thanks to your efforts, The Eliminate Project continues to make headlines across the world! Here are our latest mentions in the news:

    Kiwanis will host annual Pancake Breakfast with Santa
    NOLA, 11/28/2014

    Kiwanians doing their part to stop a killer
    The Emporia Gazette, 12/1/2014

    Ohio District Governor addresses Kiwanis

    Sidney Daily News, 12/4/2014

    The more publicity attracted for The Eliminate Project, the more awareness and funds Kiwanis International will be able to raise for the women and babies the project ...

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  • Fundraising made easy!

    Saving women and babies through The Eliminate Project just became easier. In just a few minutes, you can set up a personal fundraising page to share with friends and family. The money you raise will help save and protect women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    Follow these four easy steps to create your page. Or follow the mantra that there is strength in numbers and create a team fundraising page with friends or your Kiwanis family club.

    • Step ...

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  • Thank you to our newest donors

    Thank you to our newest donors (11/25/14-12/9/14) who will help save lives and eliminate MNT forever. 

    Model Clubs 

    Bethesda / Capital district
    Clarksburg / West Virginia district
    Collinsville Sunrise / Illinois-Eastern Iowa district
    Columbus Noon / Nebraska-Iowa district
    Corsicana / Texas Oklahoma district
    East Greenbush / New York district
    Easton / Pennsylvania district
    Greater South Cobb / Georgia district
    Kagoshima / Japan district
    Kewanee / Illinois-Eastern Iowa district
    Las Mercedes / Andean and Central America district
    Manitou Springs / Rocky ...

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  • Circle K International’s goal for 2014-2015: Saving or protecting four lives

    By Circle K International President, Kathy Le

    Think about your role model. Who inspires you to continually serve on your campus or within your community? For many of you, this individual is your mother. For your mother, you are the inspiration for all of the hard work that she does to provide you with a life full of love and opportunity.

    Imagine if you had the care of your mother taken away from you. For families affected by maternal and ...

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