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    Through The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis family will change the world. We’ll raise US$110 million to save and protect millions of women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus—and protect the mother child bond that this deadly disease destroys.

    To make this happen, we need to engage people in valuable service and fundraising. We also need to share our stories, news and inspiration—about The Eliminate Project and our clubs’ efforts.

    Share your story with us

    Have you recently raised money ...

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  • A walk to help eliminate tetanus

    By Jester Jersey, Kiwanis Club of Davis, California-Hawaii-Nevada District

    As a member of the David Kiwanis Club in California, I know the importance of giving back to the community. I have participated in local club events, helped set up for club meetings, patriotically raised flags during national holidays and given generously. Yet, I've always wondered how much of an impact we're having internationally.

    I've never doubted the goodwill and achievements of Kiwanis International, but sometimes seeing is believing. I've decided ...

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  • Embrace your inner superhero


    Shahnaz Bibi of the Nusrat Town, Sahiwal District, vividly recalls the painful details of losing her newborn child, Shimroz, to tetanus. Shimroz is one of nearly 49,000 newborns who die of neonatal tetanus every year. 

    “I never realized the importance of receiving tetanus toxoid shots during pregnancy until the sad death of Shimroz on the second day after his birth,” recalls a tearful Shahnaz. “Despite my willingness to go for health care services, my husband and in-laws put restrictions on ...

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  • Keep joy and hope alive

    Moments like this are made possible by the generosity of people like you.   

    Keep joy and hope alive with this video. Watch the video. Download the video. Share the video with friends and family so they can see how UNICEF and Kiwanis are, again, making a difference in the lives of countless families around the world. 

    You can download and share more videos on The Eliminate Project website.

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  • Celebrate moms everywhere

    The bond between mothers and their children is one defined by love. This Mother’s Day you can protect this cherished bond and honor mothers everywhere through your gift to The Eliminate Project.

    The 2015 Mother’s Day Zeller is available through June 15. Through the Zeller Fellowship Program, a gift of US$1,250 to The Eliminate Project will help save or protect more than 690 lives from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

    Become a Mother’s Day Zeller Fellow this spring. To honor ...

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  • Thank you to our newest donors

    Thank you to our newest donors (3/9/15-3/17/15) who will help save lives and eliminate MNT forever. 

    Model Clubs

    Coral Gables Latin / Florida district
    Deniliquin / Australia district
    Greater Pine Island / Florida district
    Lakeland / Florida district
    Lehigh Acres / Florida district
    Madisonville / Kentucky-Tennessee district
    Mansfield Afternoon / Texas-Oklahoma district
    North Central / New York district
    Rockledge / Florida district
    Stuart / Florida district
    Sunrise Vista / Cal-Nev-Ha district
    Valley Center / Cal-Nev-Ha district
    West Bradenton / Florida ...

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  • Marina High School students host charity fashion show

    By Christine Chau, Marina High School, California-Nevada-Hawaii District

    Marina High School in California hosted the third annual “Rags to Runway” event on February 6, 2015.

    “Rags to Runway” is our club’s charity fashion show and live auction event. Models strut down the red carpet, and the audience bids on their outfits. One outfit, a simple t-shirt, sold for a whopping US$70. Not only was there a fashion show to support The Eliminate Project, but raffle tickets were sold, live music ...

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  • Achieving a better future, one village at a time

    By Gabriele Neumayr-Stof, Europe 2 Region Coordinator

    Upon first impression, one might wonder how a village in Cambodia hindered by extreme poverty and filled with basic huts that many call home could be transformed into a vaccination campaign site. But UNICEF and its local supporters make it work, in Cambodia and villages around the world. 

    Volunteers are selected to spread the word about upcoming immunization campaigns. They share the dates weeks before the campaigns and educate the community about the ...

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  • Ready to take action?

    It’s time to get fired up. To refresh your inspiration. To set new goals. To boost participation. To build momentum for our final march to victory.

    Worldwide Call to Action will take place on April 15. This special day will pair The Eliminate Project region and district coordinators in a 45-minute call with Chairman Randy DeLay. The result? Conversations centered on action and specific steps to increase fundraising activity in the weeks leading up to the Kiwanis International convention....

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  • Kiwanis club makes history as 400K Club

    The Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto, California recently made campaign history as the first pledged 400K Club. Palo Alto is a fantastic example of a club that continues to set and achieve new goals for The Eliminate Project, each time extending its generosity to families around the world.

    The Palo Alto club does an exemplary job of aiding both the local and global community. In 2012, the club board made a 100K Club pledge, stipulating it would not affect the ...

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  • Explore the Circle City this June

    Join Kiwanis members from around the world in Indianapolis this summer. After registering for the 100th Annual Kiwanis International Convention, start planning activities during your stay.

    Looking to explore? Rain or shine, the city has several must-see attractions. Strolling the streets of downtown Indianapolis is a great way to experience the history and beauty it has to offer. Instead of walking, check out the bike share stations available around downtown. Below are some of our suggested stops around Indy....

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  • Thank you to our newest donors

    Thank you to our newest donors (2/18/15-3/8/15) who will help save lives and eliminate MNT forever. 

    Model Clubs

    Bordentown / New Jersey district
    Carefree / Southwest district
    Clermont / Florida district
    Federal Way / Pacific Northwest district
    Houston / Texas Oklahoma district

    View our complete list of donors and learn more about our recognition opportunities.

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  • What to share this month: New resources

    Looking for new materials to enhance your fundraising efforts for The Eliminate Project? New resources are now available on The Eliminate Project website. Start using these new tools today. Don’t forget to share these updates with your fellow Kiwanis members.

    Quick Facts This handout includes The Eliminate Project statistics in one easy-to-reference brochure. Download and share with club members during your next meeting.

    Centennial Award flier Download the Centennial Award flier for potential donors. It includes a pledge form. 

    Save ...

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  • Spring into action

    Spring will be here soon enough, which for many means warmer temperatures are on the way. Celebrate the season and raise funds to benefit moms and babies through The Eliminate Project. Looking for ideas? Below are six fundraising ideas to engage members of your club, school and community – and save lives. Or come up with your own! If you have new ideas, please share them with us. Send them to Campaign@TheEliminateProject.org.

    Paint pots for tots. Invite members ...

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  • Cut MNT out of the picture! Video Contest

    Capture the connection

    Get out your digital cameras, smartphones and video recorders. Key Club International/Builders Club is looking for the best homemade video about The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. 

    The winning video will be shared on The Eliminate Project, Key Club and Builders Club Facebook pages as well as in the monthly advisor newsletters. The winning club will also receive a trophy.

    Interested? Eligible videos must do one of the following:

    • Share the importance and urgency ...

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  • Reflections from Cambodia: Life stories

    By Amy Zimmerman, Ohio district governor-elect and multi-division coordinator

    I have been reflecting on the life stories that the women shared with us after the maternal and neonatal education sessions in the remote villages of Cambodia’s Mondulkiri Province. Some make me smile. Some make me tear up just thinking about the pain and grief that these women have survived in their lives. I am so grateful for the experience and for my life, as I embrace all that it has ...

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  • A moo-ving Eliminate Week

    By Laura Colagiovanni, Bay High School Key Club Bulletin Editor, Ohio District

    In September 2014, the Bay High School Key Club planned our biggest fundraiser to date, the “Eliminate Week cow plop.” This project was chaired by Bay High School Key Club President Katherine Butler, Vice President Jessica Mosier and Representative at Large Claire Mercer. In just three years, Bay High School has raised more than US$7,000 for The Eliminate Project, but 2014 marks a new era of success.

    Throughout ...

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  • Making a difference one presentation at a time

    by Brad Kunze, Kiwanis Club of Bellefontaine, Ohio Distirct

    Kiwanis of Bellefontaine, like many traditional clubs, meets weekly. We provide our speakers with a gift of remembrance. In the past, we have given what we tongue-in-cheek describe as a Kiwanis “solid gold brass bell.” More recently, we presented a Kiwanis mug. Around Christmas time, in an effort to maximize the return on the club’s administrative dollars, Bellefontaine Club President Josh Stolly gave each speaker a five-pack of Christmas cards and ...

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  • The Eliminate Project in Cambodia

    February brought a memorable opportunity for our Kiwanis delegation to see firsthand The Eliminate Project in action in Cambodia.

    During the trip, Kiwanis members observed UNICEF activities related to prenatal health care, immunizations and education—from inspecting health facilities to observing local health workers train community leaders, volunteers, traditional mid-wives and mothers. Through the experience participants gained a better understanding of the progress being made.

    The Southeast Asian country has made measurable progress in maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination, despite pronounced ...

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  • My thoughts on Cambodia

    By Key Club International President Maria Palazzolo

    The trip to Cambodia has truly changed the way I see the world and my life. You’re probably like, “Come on, Maria, that’s so cliché.” Trust me, I know how cheesy I sound, but I’m completely genuine when I say that witnessing how Cambodians live has put my life into perspective. They have little but are so happy to be alive. The children are ecstatic to have a balloon, a pen and paper, ...

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  • Canadian government announces significant gift

    Earlier this week during a meeting led by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and philanthropist Bill Gates, the Canadian government announced it will match up to CAD$2.5 million in funds raised by UNICEF Canada and Kiwanis Canada over the next two years, resulting in a CAD$5 million contribution to The Eliminate Project.

    Kiwanis International President Dr. John Button and UNICEF Canada President and CEO David Morley attended the meeting, which focused on global efforts to improve the health of mothers ...

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  • How far would you go to save babies?

    Have you ever been so passionate about a cause that you did something crazy to raise money—like kiss an octopus?

    CKI and Key Club International Board members puckered up in January to celebrate raising more than US$3 million for The Eliminate Project—which will save or protect more than 1.8 million moms and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus. Now they are challenging your club to do something extreme to help save babies. You’ll have fun and make history in the ...

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  • Celebrate in the Circle City

    Once a year service-minded individuals from around the world come together for the Kiwanis International convention. It is an opportunity to connect with the Kiwanis community, meeting Kiwanis friends from districts near and far to celebrate the organization’s accomplishments from the past year.

    This year, we look forward to celebrating our continued progress through The Eliminate Project. We will kick off the campaign’s final march to victory during the centennial convention in Indianapolis. We hope you will be part of ...

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  • February club spotlight: Kiwanis Club of Acadiana

    Clubs of all sizes can make a difference for moms and babies. Just ask the Kiwanis Club of Acadiana in Louisiana. In the fall of 2014, the club’s board of directors wholeheartedly supported the challenge to take the club to the next level for The Eliminate Project, upgrading to a Platinum Club commitment. The board then pitched the idea to the entire club membership for a vote.

    “We knew we needed everyone involved in order to be successful,” says Bill ...

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  • From the heart of Cambodia

    Earlier this month, a Kiwanis and U.S. Fund for UNICEF delegation traveled to Cambodia. The Southeast Asian country has made measureable progress in maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination, despite pronounced inequities that have inhibited many rural areas. In fact, the country has scheduled its maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination validation survey in the second quarter of 2015.

    During the journey the group observed UNICEF activities related to prenatal health care, immunizations and education—from inspecting health facilities to observing local health ...

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