Change the world for a dollar

How many chances will you have to save a life, change the world or make history? You can do all three for one dollar through an exciting new collaboration between the Kiwanis family and One Dollar for Life.

One baby dies every nine minutes from neonatal tetanus. It’s an agonizing death that you can help prevent. Just US$1.80 immunizes a woman, protecting her and her babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus. Imagine how many lives your school’s students could protect if every student gave just US$1. 

The One Dollar for Life toolkit makes it easy and fun to raise funds for The Eliminate Project. The toolkit is free and contains everything you and your club need to carry out a successful fundraiser. It will put your Key Club in front of your entire school, where every student will have a chance to make a difference by giving just US$1. Every dollar raised will go to The Eliminate Project.


  1. Register your fundraiser online at
  2. Use the One Dollar for Life toolkit to organize and promote your drive.
  3. Execute your drive and collect donations.
  4. Celebrate your success with your school and your community! 
  5. Submit your club’s donations.

Besides eliminating a deadly disease from the face of the Earth, we’re building a generation of effective, empowered teens. That’s you, fellow club members and every student in your school.