Eliminate Week Key Club

Spread the word, save a life

  1. Heighten awareness about The Eliminate Project via local news media. Contact your local news stations and newspapers and encourage them to feature a story on The Eliminate Project—or what your school and local Kiwanis clubs are doing to raise awareness. By targeting local media outlets, we can spread the message of The Eliminate Project on an individual community basis. Provide a story you’ve already written to start the process. If a reporter is interested, be patient. Reporters can’t write a story overnight! Find helpful resources in The Eliminate Project public relations toolkit.
  2. Spread the word via social media. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. Flickr. YouTube. All of it! Choose a day to post about The Eliminate Project once every hour. By frequently sharing and posting new information about The Eliminate Project via these social media outlets, you’ll help others learn about maternal and neonatal tetanus and how everyone can make a difference. Here are some suggestions for your posts: 
  • Educate: Share general information about The Eliminate Project. Report on the progress we’ve already made. Use photos to accompany your post.
  • Share: Post about your club’s fundraiser for The Eliminate Project.
  • Inform: Identify your personal or club’s fundraising goals for the year and how many lives they’ll save. (Divide your fundraising total by US$1.80 to determine the minimum number of lives you’ll save.)
  • Inspire: Tell your story and share why The Eliminate Project is important to you.
  • Entertain: Post a picture or video about The Eliminate Project. Show an image from the field or an event your club’s hosting—or both.
  • Activate: Let followers know how to donate today.
  • Illustrate: Use The Eliminate Project covers created for Facebook by the Key Club International Board.
  • Twitter tip: #Elimin8 is the official hashtag for The Eliminate Project. Use this hashtag and remind everyone of our commitment to raise US$110 million to end maternal and neonatal tetanus .