Eliminate Week Aktion Club

Step-by-step guide

This easy-to-use guide will help you plan your Aktion Club Eliminate Week.

  1. Get things started.
    • Learn about The Eliminate Project and educate your club.
    • Share information about The Eliminate Project with Aktion Club members. 
    • Talk to your advisor and get approval to host an Aktion Club Eliminate Week.
  1. Plan your week.
    Choose how your club wants to get involved. A few ideas are listed below. For details about each idea, go to the Fundraising ideas page.
    • Button up to Eliminate: Create and sell buttons
    • Mason jar madness: Create and sell soup or cookie mix
    • Dance to Eliminate: Host a dance party
    • Share your happy dollars to Eliminate: Donate your meeting’s happy dollars to The Eliminate Project
    • Change can change: Create a special container and collect spare change

      Set clear goals for your club.
      Outline what you need to do to accomplish the goals and activities you choose.

    1. Educate your audience.
      • Include information about Aktion Club Eliminate Week in newsletters and on websites.
      • Make or download posters to promote your week.
      • Make buttons to wear and share to promote your activities (instructions/button templates).
      • Use the cutout toolkit to create collection containers and promotional items.
    1. Make it happen.
      • Follow your plan and have a great week!
      • Celebrate successes along the way. Mark your progress with a progress chain.
    1. Wrap up.
      • Gather the funds you raised and deposit funds in the bank.
      • Write your check to The Eliminate Project and submit it with the Kiwanis Family Giving Form to:

        The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office
        Kiwanis International Foundation
        P.O. Box 6457 - Dept. #286
        Indianapolis, IN 46206

      • Be sure to note the funds were collected during Eliminate Week. Write your club name or club
        number on the memo line of the check so you can earn recognition for your club’s efforts.
      • Track the progress of all the Service Leadership Programs’ donations on The Eliminate Project
      • Find time to celebrate your success and talk about ways to make an even bigger impact next
      • Find out more about Kiwanis-family recognition opportunities.
      • Share your story and earn a participation banner patch.