Eliminate Week Aktion Club

Fundraising ideas

Here are some easy projects to use during Eliminate Week. All have been suggested by Aktion Clubs, so give one a try.

Button up to Eliminate
Create your very own Eliminate buttons to wear or sell to promote The Eliminate Project in your community. Use our instructions and button templates for a fun, easy project.

Mason jar madness
Fill mason jars with all of the ingredients for your favorite cookies or soup mix. Use The Eliminate Project logo to decorate the jar. Attach recipes and tags; then, sell in your community or to family and friends to raise funds for The Eliminate Project. Click here for more tags.

Dance to Eliminate
Host a dance for your local Kiwanis family members. Invite local members of Key Club, CKI and Kiwanis clubs. All entry fees go to support The Eliminate Project. The entry fee could be a suggested donation of US$3.60 and song requests for US$1.80. Kiwanis family members who go to the dance and request one song (equaling US$5.40) will have met their suggested per- member donation.

Share your happy dollars to Eliminate
At your Aktion Club meeting during Eliminate Week, each member can stand up and share their happiness, then donate a “happy dollar” to The Eliminate Project. What a great way to start the meeting on a positive note and learn more about your fellow members, all while saving the lives of women and their future babies.

Change can change
Use your spare change to change someone’s life by donating it to The Eliminate Project. During Eliminate Week, set up donation containers at your meeting place. Ask a trusted advisor or staff member to oversee the donation container. Do a presentation at your club location to educate about The Eliminate Project. All change can be donated to The Eliminate Project.

Step-by-step directions for collecting coins

  1. Make a collection container for your club. Use a shoebox or other container. Cut out the fun shapes in the cutout toolkit—or decorate with your own artwork. 
  2. Appoint a member as coin counter. This person will count donations and post totals in the meeting room. 
  3. Download your progress chain template.
  4. Appoint a paper-chain-making team. Print your progress chain pages ahead of time. Add a link to your club’s chain for each US$1.80 donated. This amount represents the cost to vaccinate one woman and protect her future babies. Display the progress chain for all to see! 
  5. Celebrate with a party or prize provided by the Aktion Club and sponsoring Kiwanis club.
Idea book
Check out the idea book for more fundraising ideas.