The Kiwanis family is partnering with UNICEF to raise US$110 million by 2015 to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus and to protect millions of moms and babies.

Through The Eliminate Project your club can make a difference for women and babies around the world. Your club can inspire other clubs and Kiwanians. Your club can help change the world by becoming a Model Club.

As a Model Club, your club pledges to raise an annual per-member average (PMA) of US$150 or more each year for five years—through any combination of fundraising methods such as events, individual giving and matching programs. That comes to a US$13 PMA per month over those five years. Through this commitment, each club member will save or protect 416 lives.

Hear how fellow Kiwanis members got their clubs involved and how your Model Club commitment will make a difference.

Becoming a Model Club is about more than raising money. It’s about making a lifesaving impact on thousands of women and babies around the world. It’s about bringing the world to your Kiwanis club—so your club can help change the world.

Your's club's impact

Through a Model Club commitment, each member of your club will save or protect 416 lives from tetanus.

Your pledge will actually have an impact even before your commitment is complete.

Pledges help UNICEF plan immunization activities while pledge payments ensure UNICEF can carry out immunization activities.

UNICEF plans to reach 120.7 million women with tetanus immunization activities in 2014 and 2015 in countries like Angola, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya and Mali, provided that funding is available.

How to build your Model Club

Becoming a Model Club is easier than your club might think.

Follow the simple steps outlined in the Model Club Guide and use the club worksheet to plan how your club will accomplish the US$150 per-member, per-year goal.

Remember, your club’s five-year commitment begins the day you submit your form.

Plus, your club can use any combination of fundraising methods. Club members can personally support the campaign through a gift, a multiple-year pledge or even make a gift in honor of a loved one. Your club can partner with your club or district foundation on a matching gift program or ask local businesses within your community to get involved. You can also host fundraisers. The ideas are endless. Besides saving women and babies, these activities can help energize club members, increase club visibility in the community and inspire others to join.

To hear ideas from fellow Kiwanis members, download and share “It starts with you” or contact one of the more than 700 Kiwanis clubs who have already made a Model Club commitment to find out how they are fulfilling their pledge.

You can also ask the campaign office to help your club create a fundraising roadmap. Along the way, staff will support your efforts with tools and information to make your club projects successful.

Be recognized

Becoming a Model Club is a generous commitment. To honor your dedication, you will receive a Model Club certificate and be recognized at worldwide events. Once your club fulfills its pledge, you will receive a Model Club banner patch and a lapel pin for each member. Clubs that commit to a per-member average greater than US$750 will earn additional recognition and a special banner patch as a Progressive Model Club.