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Ponleu Svay Rieng is a 10-month-old who has survived neonatal tetanus. When Ponleu was just 9 days old, he was taken to a hospital in Phnom Penh after he stopped eating. He was constantly crying, his limbs were contracting and his body became stiff. The hospital cared for him for 15 days before he returned home to his father’s village in Prek Reusey district, Kandal province, Cambodia. Although Ponleu now looks like any other healthy baby, it is not known if the neonatal tetanus episode caused long-term health effects.

Ponleu’s mother was vaccinated prior to giving birth and safely delivered her baby boy at a health centre. However, it was reported that an aunt put powder on Ponleu’s umbilical cord, which is thought to have caused the tetanus infection. Traditional practices like these, including unclean cord care, are one of the main challenges to eliminating neonatal tetanus.

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Gifts made in honor of another include a special postcard to inform the recipient of your generosity in their name. Postcards will be mailed to the recipient if a mailing address is provided.

With governments and partners, UNICEF has established an action plan. Your gift will support:

  • Immunization of women of reproductive age. The vaccines will be administered through three properly spaced rounds of supplemental immunization activities in districts where mothers and newborns have limited access to prenatal care, immunization and skilled birth attendants.
  • Promotion of clean delivery practices. The number of safe and healthy births will increase.
  • Immunization of pregnant women. The tetanus toxoid or tetanus and diphtheria vaccine will be promoted as part of a package of interventions delivered during prenatal care visits or through outreach services.
  • Sustainability through education. Funds will help maintain educational initiatives such as clean birthing practices established during The Eliminate Project.
  • Kiwanian education and organizational enhancement. A small portion of funds raised will help educate the Kiwanis family on maternal and neonatal issues and help create Kiwanis-family service projects that support The Eliminate Project.