Key Club District Fundraising Competition

Support your district in the 2013 Key Club International district fundraising competition. Donate to The Eliminate Project through Causes and your gift will be combined with the other members in your district to increase our impact.

The goal is for all districts to raise a combined US$15,000 by June 15, 2013 – that will save or protect more than 8,333 women and their future babies! Aside from the satisfaction of saving lives, if we hit that goal, The Eliminate Project will also throw in some sweet stuff for the top fundraising districts! Visit our Causes fundraiser - Help end maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) with Key Club International - to learn more and make a donation.

Visit this contest page periodically to see which districts are in the lead.

District Leader board

As of 4/8/13

Total funds    Per-member average  
1. New York 1. New York
2. Capital 2. Capital
3. Carolinas 3. Carolinas