A day with Lucie

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12:00 PM

Hi, I'm Lucie Wiesner, a Switzerland-Liechtenstein District Kiwanian since 1994. I'm a member of the Genève-Carouge club. Welcome to Geneva!

12:10 PM

This is where I work, "La cité des Schtroumpfs" (Smurf city), in Geneva. It came out of the imagination of wonderfully creative architects. What a colourful and joyous work environment!

12:20 PM

I'm a medical doctor specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery and hand surgery. My patients are from all corners of the world, so it helps that I speak several languages. French is the official language in Geneva, but I often need to converse in English or German.

12:50 PM

Let me take you on a ride! It's a beautiful day to explore Geneva.

1:10 PM

This wooden structure is the entrance to the CERN, which stands for "European Organization for Nuclear Research." It's one of the biggest and most prestigious scientific laboratories in the world. We're fortunate the CERN has agreed to open for rare and exclusive visits from Kiwanians who attend the 2011 convention in Geneva.

1:20 PM

Here we are at the small village of Choully, up in the hills above Geneva. We'll stop here at a friendly inn for a pleasant meal, but first, the house cat is begging me to pet him.

1:30 PM

What a pleasant setting, how about sautéed local wild mushrooms with brown rice? Or a succulent stew?

2:30 PM

Have a taste! It's a typical dessert from the Geneva area: meringue with cream and red fruit. Mmmm.

3:00 PM

Geneva is the third largest wine-producing canton in Switzerland. Award-winning wines are produced here!

3:20 PM

We've stopped in the peaceful village of Dardagny, before continuing on to Russin and Satigny.

4:00 PM

Jacques and Jacqueline Belloir own this antique store, which is full of unusual, rare and restored objects. They always select items for their original qualities. Collectors share their passion, and friendly ties are woven along the years.

4:00 PM

These wooden, hand-sculpted figurines were sold to souvenir shops in big cities for extra income by mountaineer families held captive by winter's heavy snows. The dishes with owl designs are typical of the Brienz region.

4:10 PM

This beautiful plate was a traditional wedding gift towards the end of the 18th century. They were used as decoration. Notice the edelweiss theme, as well as the Matterhorn.

4:20 PM

I found an 1880s lamp formerly used by clockmakers, perfect for my nightstand!

4:40 PM

Time to say goodbye. In the green bag, a surprise gift for my mother that's bound to make her feel happy.

4:50 PM

Here we are at the verger de Saint-Loup (orchards) where brothers Pascal and Michel Serex offer delicious fruits (www. pomme.ch). I make my choice of delightful plums and a bag of apples, fill out the form and add payment. It's that easy. Self-service all day long. I also recommend their cider and other farm products.

5:00 PM

I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Nyon/La Côte Kiwanian Jean-Jacques Dutruy, who owns Domaine de la treille in Founex (www.latreille.ch).

5:20 PM

In the tasting room, a client makes a careful choice.

5:30 PM

A toast to us, and to the Kiwanis International convention in Geneva!

6:50 PM

A few minutes in the car, and we're in a Geneva enclave in the Vaud Canton. The village is called Céligny, where my friend Heidi Muller makes wonderful jams, syrups and kirsch cherries (www.heidis-cherries.ch). Her husband, Genève-Lac Kiwanian Ludwig Muller, is a jewelry maker who invented blue gold (www.ludwigmuller.ch).

6:50 PM

We need to catch up on Kiwanis business.

7:40 PM

Let's stop at the port of Versoix, where the "Savoie" ferry arrives in Nyon, before setting out to Geneva.

7:50 PM

Night is almost upon us. We're off to the Place du bourg-de-Four.

8:40 PM

Here in the "Old City" the air is warm, so the people of Geneva relax at outdoor cafés.

10:00 PM

Mussels and fries in a brasserie! The evening's not over. We need sustenance!

10:50 PM

Off we go again.

11:00 PM

As you know by now, I like shopping for antiques. This store's closed at this late hour, but I can't resist a peak in the window!

11:10 PM

It's nearly midnight, yet folks are still lingering at outdoor cafés and restaurants.

11:10 PM

This is the longest wooden bench in the world, and it's at la Treille, the oldest promenade in Geneva. The bench was installed in 1767. How long is it? 120,21 meters ! That's 131 yards.

11:30 PM

The Old Arsenal above the city. It houses five cannons, the remnants of batteries that used to defend the city wall. You'll notice, in the back of the photo, mosaic frescos by Alexandre Cingria (1949). They represent the key periods in Geneva's history.

12:00 AM

Midnight, yet folks are still strolling through the cobblestone streets, slowly getting home. Geneva settles for the night. I wish you good night, and hope to welcome you in by the lake in July.