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Egg-citing events

The Easter Bunny shows up to delight guests and Kiwanians at the annual Kiwanis Club of Tempe egg hunt. 

by Jack Brockley 

The month of April is almost here. That means Kiwanians are donning bunny ears as they host community Easter egg hunts. Does your club need something fun to do this spring? Kiwanis magazine can help.

Grab your baskets and consider these tips from egg hunt chairmen Kerry Fetherston of the Tempe, Arizona, club and Susan Lankisch of the St. Andrews, New Brunswick, club.

Widely advertise. The Tempe Kiwanis club publicizes its egg hunt through a newsletter distributed with the city water bill so it reaches every household.

Group by age. Keeping the youngest children in their own area or using a staggered start time gives the smaller kids less chance of being outpaced or toppled by the faster, more-seasoned zealous hunters.

Have a back-up plan. The Easter season’s weather is unpredictable.

Keep extra baskets around. There’s always a basket that loses a handle or gets left at home.

Be safety-minded. Hide the eggs within reach so little ones aren’t climbing up. And select a venue away from traffic.

Hold back some eggstra eggs. The St. Andrews Kiwanis Club saves 500 eggs for special circumstances. When children are seen clutching empty baskets, helpers quietly drop some new eggs in their vicinity.

Ask for help. Other organizations would be happy to assemble and donate a couple hundred eggs for your hunt.

Stay clear of candy. Because of dental and health concerns about sweets, as well as melting problems, consider prizes and stickers as fun alternative egg-fillings.

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