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by Fabienne April, global project administrator 

“They’re here! I just saw the first Kiwanians!” An excited staff member exclaims with a big smile.

We are in Geneva, the Kiwanis International convention registration desk will open in a few hours, and already Kiwanians are exploring the convention center.

It takes several years for staff and volunteers to plan a convention, and you, Kiwanians, are always at the center of our thoughts throughout the planning stages. So when you first arrive and we meet you on site, it’s emotional. You are our guests, so when we see you smile and enjoy the Kiwanis fellowship, when you participate actively during workshops, when you clap during sessions, when you are captivated by a candidate’s speech, we, the Kiwanis International staff, are beaming.

We watch and take notes for the next year’s convention. We make sure you have all you need. We write down your name and information so when we return home to 3636 Woodview Trace in Indianapolis, we can follow up with answers to your questions or requests for help.

Some of you have become dear friends over several conventions or through regular email communications. Your warm words of appreciation and fellowship carry us till the next convention.

At this moment, we have you in our minds as we plan conventions for New Orleans, Vancouver, Macau and Indianapolis. If you’ve never been to a convention, give it a try one year, and experience the uplifting atmosphere! And stop by and say hello.

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