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Together: Connecting your spirit of service and fellowship with CKI and the Kiwanis family
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Are you a former CKI member—and still committed to service leadership? Or getting ready to graduate and leave your CKI club? Connect with other alumni!

Let folks know what you’re up to. Join your fellow Circle K International alumni today.

As the network grows, we will continue to evolve to ensure a valuable experience for our members. Through blogs and story-sharing, let’s reconnect and find out who's where and what they are up to.
If you haven’t yet joined, why not do it today? Membership is free! Join today.

  • Picture perfect

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Spread your Circle K memories by sharing yours! Tag us @CircleKAlumni on Facebook or Twitter.

    It doesn’t matter if you were a member of your club this past year or 10 years ago—we value your experience. For example, your photos could show:

    • Your club serving. What kind of service projects was your club known for? It could be big or small, but either way: share your club in action.
    • The best friends you met in Circle K. Many members build lifelong relationships in Circle K. Did you gain a couple best friends? Maybe a life partner? Share a picture of who Circle K brought into your life.
    • Your transformation. Stay connected with fellow Circle K alumni—share how you look now vs. then! A lot can change with time. Have you?

    Whatever you choose to share, be sure to tag us @CircleKAlumni. Your picture could be chosen for future newsletters or social media! Help us capture the awesomeness of Circle K by sharing your memories.

    Circle K club serving for TOT

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  • Lifelong facilitator

    In high school, Wendy Fraser received a college scholarship from a Kiwanis club. That motivated her to join Circle K when she attended Saint Martin’s University. And her connection to the Kiwanis family has been productive and valuable ever since.

    Circle K turned out to be a great fit for Wendy. For instance, the program helped develop her leadership skills—even leading to service as the Circle K International president in 1989–90.  “It gave me the ability to look at things from an international level, taught me how to motivate others, and showed me the impact of policy decisions,” she says.

    Of course, a love of learning has always been a big part of Wendy’s values. Today, she has five degrees: B.A. in Management and Finance from Saint Martin’s University; M.S. in Human Resource Management from Chapman University; M.A. in Organizational Leadership, M.A. in Organizational Development and a PhD in Human and Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University.

    Giving back through Key Leader

    Back in 2004, Wendy was trained to be a lead facilitator for the first Key Leader event. The experience stuck with her—she continued to serve as a lead facilitator for 10 years after her training.

    “Key Leader was full of amazing moments watching high school students develop and transform over a weekend,” she says. “I was so happy to be a part of it.”

    One of her favorite Key Leader memories was inspired by a quadriplegic student who expressed his interest in doing the ropes course, though he was limited to ground activities. Wendy took action. After asking for permission from his mother and nurse, the course director had fellow students support him as they hoisted him up. “His excitement made it all worthwhile and it was transformational for all who witnessed it,” Wendy says.

    Wendy still volunteers as a facilitator today for other leadership development activities. She is currently a co-lead facilitator for Leadershape, a week long leadership development retreat. Leadershape retreats are mostly offered on college campuses, with roughly 60 students going through the program. “It’s important to give back to the next generation,” Wendy says. “Plus, you build awesome relationships.”

    In addition to her love for volunteering, Wendy also enjoys her job as a consultant. She is the president and founder of Fraser Consulting, LLC, which she has led for 14 years now.

    “Owning your own business can be difficult at times because you’re responsible for everything,” Wendy says. “You must have plenty of resources and talents.”

    For Wendy, it all goes back to the qualities that make a good leader: the ability to understand systems and how things interrelate. “A good leader is be caring, must have both humility and confidence,” she says. “They must be authentic, humble and open to learning.”

    Wendy’s advice for current CKI members is to love what they do and remember that they always have a choice. She also reminded them to hold on to the joy they get from Circle K. After all, being part of the Kiwanis family is a joy that can inspire the people around you: Wendy has a daughter, Maren, and a son, Tristan—both of whom have been involved with Key Club and Key Leader.

    Circle K alumni, Wendy Fraser

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  • Networking 101

    Networking can seem like an overwhelming prospect. But it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it helps to start at the beginning, with a few basics. So let’s do that.

    • Networking defined: Networking is not simply an exchange of business cards at a random event. And it certainly isn’t about bragging about your career or begging for help from people you barely know. Networking is a game of give and take—it’s all about relationship-building.
    • An ongoing process: “One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they stop networking once they get their job,” says Diane Darling of Effective Networking. A network is something  you have in place—it’s valuable for getting professional development, and when you’re looking for a new position. But whenever you need your network, that’s not the time to start building one. So start building now.
    • Strike up a conversation. Networking is essentially a pleasant conversation, which leads to a new member of your network. Start with a smile. And try these simple conversation starters:

    1. "Hello, my name is...." It can be intimidating to approach a group or a person you don’t know, but you’ll be surprised what could happen if you just introduce yourself. Follow up your introduction with an easy-to-answer question like: "What brings you here tonight?"
    2. "I love your [shoes/shirt/necktie]." It is surprising how quickly people drop their guard when they are complemented. Even if it is not in a networking setting, you may pick up a new member of your network by simply saying, "That was an interesting presentation you just gave" or "That's one of my favorite books you're reading."

    Need some more tips?

    • Create personal business cards.
    • Share your passions/hobbies.
    • Reach out with curiosity. Contact interesting people and see where the relationship goes.
    • Attend networking events in your career field.
    • Use Circle K alumni as a resource. For instance, network in the LinkedIn Group.
    Networking 101

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  • Give thanks

    You grew as a leader because of your involvement with Circle K International. Share what you gained from CKI with #ThanksCKI right now. What are you thankful for?

    We’ll help get the ball rollin’. Here are some templates to help you share:

    #ThanksCKI for being __________.”

    “Because of Circle K I’m a ______. #ThanksCKI #CircleKAlumni”

    “So proud to be a #CircleKAlumni because it gave me________. #ThanksCKI

    We invite all Circle K alumni to join the fun and reminisce with us. Use  #ThanksCKI to thank the organization that helped shape you during such a pivotal time of your life.

    And by the way, have you seriously not connected with us yet? Don’t miss out—follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and network with us on LinkedIn! Let’s stay connected.


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  • Benefits: Travel & Insurance

    As an alumnus, you have many benefits available to members of the Kiwanis family. Here are two: access to Kiwanis Travel and Kiwanis Life Insurance. And yes, you can take full advantage of these opportunities even if you aren’t in a Kiwanis club. Take the journey of a lifetime with Kiwanis Travel. And protect your family’s finances with Kiwanis Life Insurance.

    Kiwanis Travel

    Thanks to Kiwanis International’s exclusive partnership with AHI Travel—a respected group tour operator since 1962—you have opportunities to explore the world through the Kiwanis Travel program. Marvel at Ireland's ruins and iconic Italian landscapes. Immerse yourself in Barcelonian magic. Or cruise the mighty Danube River.

    AHI Travel will carefully craft an itinerary that will provide you with a journey full of unique opportunities. Create priceless memories with Kiwanis Travel. Check out the travel opportunities in 2016, which include trips to Barcelona, Italy, Holland and much more. What are you waiting for?

    Kiwanis Life Insurance

    The newest offering of Kiwanis Insurance, Life Insurance Central®, helps you and your family continue to live as they do now should a fatal accident occur. Term Life Insurance covers you for a specific term or span of years. You can get a no-cost comparison quote or call 1-800-866-5074, ext. 9633, to speak directly with a licensed agent.

    Already have life insurance? It’s wise to periodically review your insurance portfolio. You may wish to purchase additional coverage, or take advantage of lower rates. Life Insurance Central's licensed representatives can help you determine how much coverage you need—and then find a company and policy to meet those needs.

    Member benefits

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  • Unexpected treasures of CKI

    Keyla Reeder, Circle K International Alumni, shares her CKI story.

    Circle K matters most to me because of the unexpected treasures that I have found as a member: the friends I have gained in the past two years, the amazing people I have met along the way, and much more. I joined the Kiwanis family two years ago as a member of Circle K of Colegio E.P.I. (Aruba). I was one of the first members to help build and structure the club. As the very first president of CKI EPI, my club and I encountered a lot of challenges.

    As a charter member, I built upon my inner leadership, enhanced my abilities to help those in need and gained a lot of true friendships along the way. CKI taught me how to plan, organize and execute projects, from service projects to fundraisers. Our club learned to utilize creativity because that is what CKI does—it forces you to be creative in order to make a difference in your community.

    I grew so much as a person and a student. Because of CKI, my love for others and my community expanded. I am finishing my associate’s degree in hospitality management this year, and I have started an internship at Colegio E.P.I. in the Human Resources Department. Since I decided to join CKI, I have become more responsible and learned tips which have helped me to become more organized in both my personal and professional life.

    It was rewarding to win Distinguished Club President 2014–2015 from the CKI Caribbean District and Student of the Year for the Shoco Awards of Excellence as a hospitality student. A lot of people that know me see me as a role model for other fellow students, and I have Kiwanis and CKI to thank for this. Kiwanis International clubs not only promote service and fellowship, but they also build tomorrow's leaders.

    I have gained so many valuable memories and experiences from Circle K that I have been inspired to serve as the Kiwanis Club advisor for a Builders Club Mon Plaisir College Aruba. I believe in our youth. I believe that through Kiwanis we are can inspire and build the next generation of leaders.

    Show your K in every way. You never know who you could impact.

    Circle K alumni, have you shared your story with us yet? Tell us your favorite memory, or about the kind of impact Circle K had on you. Big or small, we want them all!

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  • International President Sue Petrisin welcomes you

    2015-16 Kiwanis International President, Sue Petrisin

    Dear Circle K friends,

    Congratulations on a great Circle K year! So, what’s next? I had to make the same decision when I graduated from Michigan State University and left Circle K behind.

    I decided to continue my life of service because kids continue to need our help. There still are too many kids who don’t have access to clean water, or education or vaccines. The list goes on and on. Your service through Circle K has already made a big difference in this world. Why stop now?

    As Circle K alumni, you will always be part of the Kiwanis global network, which allows you to participate in service opportunities and attend special events. You will also be able to access the many intrinsic values of Kiwanis, including developing leadership skills, connecting to your community and making friends wherever you go. You will continue to receive the alumni’s e-publication and other communications from Kiwanis. We hope this connection with Kiwanis will encourage you to continue a life of service.

    When you are ready to take an active role in improving communities, join a Kiwanis club. Circle K Alumni don’t pay a new member fee or Kiwanis International dues for the first two years of their membership! To find a club near you, put your address into our Find A Club locator. I’ll be honest, the first Kiwanis club you visit may not be the right fit for you, so try a different one. Don’t give up. Each of the more than 16,000 clubs in the Kiwanis family has its own personality. I know you’ll find one you like. I did. And I haven’t missed a meeting since.

    This is an exciting time in your life. It’s also scary. Stay connected with us and we’ll help you change the world.

    In Kiwanis service,

    Sue's Signature

    Sue Petrisin

    1984-85 Circle K International Governor, Michigan District

    2015-16 President, Kiwanis International

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  • We rise by lifting others

    5 inspirational quotes from Circle K International alumni!

    Jeffery Wolff, Circle K International alumnus

    Susan McClernon, Circle K International alumnus

    Keyla Reeder, Circle K International alumnus

    Dr. Flora Reichanadter, Circle K International alumnus

    Amy Zimmerman, Circle K International alumnus

    Thank you for sharing and for your service and commitment to Circle K. Want to add your two cents? Share your story. Tell us how Circle K shaped you or share your journey beyond college. Big or small, we want to hear them all!

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  • Kiwanis is making history

    The Eliminate Project is a Kiwanis-family effort. From the youngest K-Kid to the oldest Kiwanis member, we’re making a difference in the fight to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. During the last five years, The Eliminate Project has raised US$110 million in cash and pledges to support UNICEF’s work.

    As of March 23, 2016, The Eliminate Project has raised US$53.1 million in cash—nearly 50 percent of our fundraising goal. Eighteen districts showed their support through district-wide commitments, including Key Club International’s commitment to raise US$3 million.

    The active fundraising phase of The Eliminate Project concluded on December 31, 2015. But the timeline has been extended to the end of the school year for members of Service Leadership Program clubs, which include Circle K.

    But we are not yet finished. Now it’s time to turn pledges into paid gifts. The fulfillment phase of The Eliminate Project is crucial to the global elimination of MNT. That is why we need the help of Kiwanis-family members everywhere to complete individual, club and district pledges.

    We made a promise—and we will fulfill it. Help the Kiwanis family help mothers and babies. You can support The Eliminate Project in the name of Circle K International. In fact, you can designate a club to receive credit when you make your secure online gift—just note the club name.

    The Kiwanis family is poised to change the world. Be a part of history.

    Campaign elimination status

    Out of 59 priority countries, 38 have officially eliminated MNT. Currently, 21 countries are still at risk for MNT.

    • Niger plans to conduct a validation survey in June 2016.
    • Haiti plans to conduct a pre-validation assessment in 2016.
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo will conduct pre-validation assessments in the third quarter of 2016.
    • Indonesia’s Papua province will conduct a pre-validation assessment in May.

    Together we can do it.  

    Be a part of it—and make a difference together with your Kiwanis-family! Give now

    Kiwanis global effort to Eliminate MNT

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  • Simply serving

    Serving others doesn’t always have to be a big production. It can be done with a small amount of time, and little to no cost. Try these simple service project ideas with family, friends or your Kiwanis club. Share your experience with other alumni—tag us on Facebook @CircleKInternationalAlumni and on Twitter @CKIAlumni

    Get dirty in the name of service. Can you think of someone having a rough time or facing big challenges? With summer basically here, they may wish to do some yard work, but are simply too overwhelmed with everything else. Help lighten their load by planting flowers, pulling weeds or mowing their lawn as a surprise!  

    Bring joy to sick kids. Time spent at the hospital can be a bore, especially if it’s beautiful and sunny outside. Provide hours of entertainment, at little to no cost, by donating a few “I-Spy” bottles to a local children's hospital! All you’ll need is one plastic bottle, a few small items or toys, rice and a hot glue gun. In the I-Spy bottle, every shake will show new treasures.

    Use your green thumb. If you’re good at gardening and tend to grow more than you can consume, why not spread the wealth? Share what you grow with a neighbor, family, friends or homeless shelter. Don’t let your homegrown beauties go to waste!

    Bring on bubble-mania. Ahhh, bubbles. Who would have thought water and soap could be so much fun? Deliver this fun activity to a local daycare center and you’ll brighten everyone’s day. Luckily, it’s easy to make homemade bubbles and refill station. Consider this easy service project before you throw away your next container of laundry soap.

    Make a difference by serving others!

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