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Kiwanis Family Month


  • Give back on Giving Tuesday

    This Tuesday, December 1, 2015, charities, families, businesses, community centers and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

    It’s a simple idea that can have a big impact.

    For The Eliminate Project, a mere US$1.80 will protect a woman and her future babies from a deadly disease. It is a small price for a lifesaving vaccine and education.

    So join us this Tuesday for #GivingTuesday. Invite your family, friends and your company to participate. Once you give tell everyone you can about how you are giving and include #GivingTuesday in your social media posts.

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  • Christmas cards supporting The Eliminate Project

    Members of the St. Louis Center Aktion Club in Chelsea, Michigan take pride in their efforts to help protect women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus. In anticipation of the holiday season each year, members design artwork for a Christmas card. The cards are sold in packages of 10 for US$10 each with proceeds benefiting The Eliminate Project.

    “This project gives each member a great sense of pride knowing that they are able to make a difference for families around the globe,” says Kelly Flaherty, Special Projects Assistant for the center.

    Once printed, members gather to assemble the cards and envelopes. It is one more way these individuals are making a difference through their club–and bringing hope to children in need.

    The Aktion Club, which is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Chelsea and the Kiwanis Club of Manchester, was chartered in 2010. It is comprised of men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live at the St. Louis Center.

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  • Giving thanks

    ‘Tis the season of giving. At The Eliminate Project, we are reflecting on all that we have accomplished together and giving thanks for our generous supporters.

    Because of your generosity during the past five years, the Kiwanis family and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF have raised nearly US$104 million in cash and pledges, including the Canadian government match. These funds will help save or protect more than 55 million women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

    We are thankful for the support of our volunteers, club and individual donors, and community partners whose gifts make it possible for UNICEF to implement immunization activities. In fact, we hope to celebrate another victory over MNT in Equatorial Guinea. This month, a validation survey will determine whether or not MNT has been eliminated in every district of the country, and we hope to hear the official results early next year.

    As you gather with family and friends to express thanks, remember that you are helping Kiwanis change the world. On behalf of all the families impacted by The Eliminate Project, we say thank you.

    Yours in service,
    The Eliminate Project campaign team

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  • Now is the time to claim your place in Kiwanis history

    Kiwanis’ centennial year is coming to an end. How did you celebrate 100 years of service? There is still time to honor our organization’s rich past with a Centennial Award gift.

    Through December 31, 2015, gifts of US$1,500 to Kiwanis International will be honored with a Centennial Award. Recipients receive a lapel pin along with a medallion and personalized certificate framed together.

    In addition to honoring our past, your generosity will help the Kiwanis family provide an anniversary gift to the world. Each Centennial Award gift will help save or protect 833 women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    Your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy is here. Claim your place in history. Give now.

    Only gifts or pledges received or postmarked by December 31, 2015, will qualify for the Centennial Award.

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  • What to share

    The Eliminate Project and the Kiwanis International Foundation are making it even easier to stay connected with these new resources.

    Social media
    The Kiwanis International Foundation is now on Facebook. Like their page so you can be the first to receive updates and be part of the conversation. Keep an eye out for maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) elimination updates, inspiring grant projects, news stories and more. Help us spread the word. After subscribing to these accounts, start sharing. Share resources, updates and your inspiration for the Kiwanis International Foundation to increase awareness and raise funds.

    Starting in January, updates from The Eliminate Project monthly newsletter will transition to the Kiwanis International Foundation newsletter. Subscribers to the English version of The Eliminate Project newsletter will automatically receive the foundation newsletter. If you would like to receive updates, you can opt-in today.

    These new resources are in place to make getting updates more efficient. The Eliminate Project website, social media pages and campaign staff will continue to be available as we enter the fulfillment phase of our campaign. 

    Join our community of supporters working together to change children's lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay up-to-date on what the Kiwanis International Foundation is doing today, tomorrow and forever.

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  • Reflections from Ghana

    A Kiwanis delegation recently returned from Ghana, a country that eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus around this time of year in 2011. While the deadly disease is no longer a threat, there is an important focus on sustainability efforts and continued education. The group met local volunteers, medical experts, mothers and babies, as well as observed UNICEF activities related to health care.

    Keep an eye out for their stories and photos. Share their reflections with your club and district so they can see how the MNT elimination program is making a difference in the lives of countless families around the world.

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  • Thank you to our newest donors

    Thank you to our newest donors (11/1/15-11/15/15) who will help save lives and eliminate MNT forever.

    Model Clubs

    Ferguson / Missouri-Arkansas district
    North Gwinnett / Georgia district
    Seaway (Sarnia) / Eastern Canada & Caribbean district
    The Oaks, Baton Rouge / La-Miss-W.Tn district

    View our complete list of donors and learn more about our recognition opportunities.

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  • Serve others this holiday season

    As the holiday season approaches, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of parties, shopping and decorating. This holiday season, remember to focus on what matters most—serving others.

    There are always various opportunities for giving through drives for food, toys, and clothing. But if you want to take it one step further, we’ve got some ideas:

    • Help the hungry. While planning your holiday meal, consider all of the families that are not fortunate enough to have one—donate to a food bank! Buy the same ingredients that you use for your holiday dinner and donate them to a food bank. When you drop off your donations, stick around and help pack boxes and sort food.
    • Make greeting cards. There are plenty of sick children eager for “happy mail.” An organization called Send Kids the World lists children who could use a smile—and even provides you with the child’s story, so you can make it a more personal experience. Here’s an extra idea: deliver greeting cards to local nursing or veterans homes! Be sure to make them special—for some it may be the only card they receive.
    • Sponsor a family. Families living in poverty struggle with the knowledge that they can’t provide as they would like to. Whatever winter holiday they celebrate, each family has dreams. So help make them come true—get connected with a family through The Box Project.
    • Random acts of kindness. When you add them up it can be surprising the impact small acts of kindness make. Compliment someone. Ask if you can help. Set a goal to smile at five strangers. Praise your coworkers. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation provides loads of ideas! After all, there really is no such thing as a “small” act of kindness—because every act creates a ripple effect.

    Serving others is a big part of what the season is about. So is sharing. Inspire others to make a difference by sharing your holiday service plans. Spread the word on social media, with #CircleKHoliday!

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  • Bringing Kiwanis members together to inspire change

    While Kris Bowers, a member of the Kiwanis Club of North Central Indianapolis, might typically be known for her tireless work with local Indianapolis nonprofits, it is her recent involvement in The Eliminate Project that is garnering attention. This past May, Kris and her husband, Brian, had the opportunity to see firsthand the immense impact The Eliminate Project has on women and children during a site visit to Namibia, Africa.

    As the former Executive Pastor at Northeast Community Church, Kris previously formed a partnership with a church in Zambia and traveled there several times. Her interest in Africa continued when Kiwanis International joined forces with UNICEF to ensure that every woman of childbearing age receives proper immunization against tetanus. On the trip to Namibia, Kris observed the infrastructure that delivers and monitors government policies to sustain the program and also observed the various methods of healthcare delivery. The country has been MNT free for more than 10 years.

    Kris was personally impacted by what she saw. She visited the immunization clinic on the day supplies were delivered. Kris watched as hundreds of mothers holding newborns or young children stood in the hot sun for hours waiting to be treated. Some even waited in line past dark. As a mother herself, Kris related to the mothers’ determination to do whatever necessary to ensure their children received the care they needed.

    “The long line at Engela District Hospital is proof of the impact of education and outreach on immunization efforts,” shares Kris. “And yes, we were told, the line is that long every day. The Eliminate Project is working, and it’s sustainable.”

    Since returning from Africa, Kris and her husband have nearly doubled their personal commitment to The Eliminate Project. Kris also became active in educating local Kiwanis members about The Eliminate Project. With a doctorate in organizational leadership, she knows how to bring people together to inspire change. Her message: “Even the smallest donation can save a life—just US$1.80 protects a woman and her future babies from tetanus.”

    Read more about Kris’ life-changing trip to Namibia.

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  • Key Club: a life-changing experience

    Key Club alumnus Philip Jc Corachea shares what Key Club means to him.

    "Key Club was a life-changing moment for me. It's the first club that got me to become more active in my school and community."

    Philip went on to talk about how Key Club changes people from being ‘awkward’ to an ‘enthusiastic member’. Key Club not only teaches service and leadership, but members also learn to come out of their shell and be more social—which is ultimately a big part of service and leadership.

    Speaking of leadership, Philip has seen club members quit Key Club because they were passed over for a position or division. Philip knows that feeling—but he chose to be an inspiration. He reminded other members that anyone can do anything to serve their home, school and community, with or without a title. It’s important to remember that not everyone can make it into a leadership position, there’s just not enough room for that! Just because you’re a ‘regular member’ doesn't mean you aren’t making an impact.

    “If there was one thing I had to take from Key Club,” Philip says, “it would be to remember that anyone can make a difference. The greatest accomplishment in Key Club is the one that every member gets: knowing that we've made a difference in this world.”

    Well said, Philip. Thank you for sharing!

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