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  • The Kiwanis Foundation Switzerland-Liechtenstein made a great contribution to The Eliminate Project.

    by Ilse Oehler, Vice president, Kiwanis Foundation Switzerland-Liechtenstein

    In solidarity with the district, the Kiwanis Foundation Switzerland-Liechtenstein supports Kiwanis’ Global Campaign for Children, The Eliminate Project. To show support, the Foundation committed to raise CHF 100,000, which is approximately US$110,000. The district’s Lead Gift will help save or protect more than 61,000 women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    More than 200 clubs with 7,200 Kiwanis members have rallied together to support this worthy cause in the Switzerland-Liechtenstein District. The district has already celebrated amazing success — raising more than US$2 million.

    Remembering the famous words of Nicolas G. Hayek, the world-renowned Swiss watchmaker: “At the beginning of every idea that you share with 100 people, two people are in favor of it, and 98 people are against it. Once the idea has been realized successfully, then suddenly 98 people are in favor of it, and two people are against it.” Possibly this will be the realization at the end of our goal.

    Every beginning is a challenge. We praise the work and activities of the dynamic campaign team in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

    This worldwide campaign will change history once again and save or protect more than 61 million lives. It follows the success of the last worldwide project, the IDD campaign, which was initiated in 1992 to eliminate iodine deficiency disorders. With more than US$80 million raised and at work in more than 89 nations, it is heralded as one of the most successful health initiatives in the world.

    We are thankful to be working together — the Foundation and the Switzerland–Liechtenstein District — for a better world for mothers and their babies.

    Past President of the Kiwanis Foundation District Switzerland-Liechtenstein is very excited to announce the Lead Gift for The Eliminate Project to Governor Susanne Brunschweiler

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  • Share your story

    Through The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis family will change the world. We’ll raise US$110 million to save and protect millions of women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus—and protect the mother child bond that this deadly disease destroys.

    To make this happen, we need to engage people in valuable service and fundraising. We also need to share our stories, news and inspiration—about The Eliminate Project and our clubs’ efforts.

    Share your story with us

    Have you recently raised money for The Eliminate Project? Tell us about your success. Email an overview of your activities to Consider including details about when and where the activity took place, who attended, what you did and how much money you/your club raised. We will share your story on our blog. When sending us your story, please include: 

    1. Name
    2. Contact information
    3. Club and district
    4. Any .JPEG photos
    5. 300-500 word entry

    Share your story with family and friends

    Social media channels are the perfect way to generate interest and encourage people to explore online giving. You can share campaign updates and stories with a significant number of people in a short amount of time. Here’s how:

    First, “Like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @EliminateMNT to get ideas of what to share and how social media is used.

    Second, use these social media platforms to share campaign updates and photos. For more information on how or where to post certain kinds of information, download our social media brochure.

    Be a strong advocate for women and babies. Share stories, news and your inspiration for The Eliminate Project to increase awareness, raise funds and ultimately, help us eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

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  • A walk to help eliminate tetanus

    By Jester Jersey, Kiwanis Club of Davis, California-Hawaii-Nevada District

    As a member of the David Kiwanis Club in California, I know the importance of giving back to the community. I have participated in local club events, helped set up for club meetings, patriotically raised flags during national holidays and given generously. Yet, I've always wondered how much of an impact we're having internationally.

    I've never doubted the goodwill and achievements of Kiwanis International, but sometimes seeing is believing. I've decided that the best way to find out is to go see for myself. 

    About 25 years ago, Matt Mattingly, a Kiwanis member from Sonora, California did just what I'm planning to do this summer. At that time, Kiwanis International was celebrating its 75th anniversary. Promoting Kiwanis’ anti-drug program, Mattingly traveled roughly 3,500 miles from New York to California. In his travels, he met a variety of people, encountered many unique situations and toured a part of the United States that many people today can only dream of seeing by air or train, let alone foot.

    For me, the walk isn't only about seeing our great nation and visiting other Kiwanis Clubs. It is an opportunity to do more for my service club. It is an opportunity to share the message of The Eliminate Project with clubs from shore to shore. 

    It is not very often that an organization celebrates its first centennial. It is not often that someone decides to tour the country on foot. But this year, I've decided to do both. I want to be able to meet Kiwanians from other cities, and I want to celebrate Kiwanis' 100th anniversary in a big way. I want to experience life as a Kiwanian from as many perspectives as possible.

    One advantage I'll have is that technology has improved in the last 25 years. Sharing the impact of my trip will be more immediate. It was several years after Matt Mattingly completed his walk before many read about the journey in his book, The Long Walk Home. Rather than waiting for a book to be written years after my walk, people can follow me on social media as I post updates to show people where I've gone, where I'm at, what I'm doing and more. More importantly, I can promote The Eliminate Project along the way. I am walking so that others in the world can have a decent quality of life like we do in the United States.

    For more information on the journey, visit to my blog at You can also follow me on Twitter: @DavisKiwanian.

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  • Embrace your inner superhero


    Shahnaz Bibi of the Nusrat Town, Sahiwal District, vividly recalls the painful details of losing her newborn child, Shimroz, to tetanus. Shimroz is one of nearly 49,000 newborns who die of neonatal tetanus every year. 

    “I never realized the importance of receiving tetanus toxoid shots during pregnancy until the sad death of Shimroz on the second day after his birth,” recalls a tearful Shahnaz. “Despite my willingness to go for health care services, my husband and in-laws put restrictions on my movements.” 

    Neonatal tetanus remains a major public health problem in Pakistan and contributes to 25 percent of the infant mortality in many areas. Reducing deaths from neonatal tetanus is one of the simplest and most cost-effective means to reduce the neonatal mortality rate.

    You can help. 

    The Eliminate Project gives every Kiwanian a chance to be a hero—just US$1.80 protects women like Shahnaz and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus. That's less than most people spend on a cup of coffee every day. What if you woke up each morning knowing you had helped save babies like Shimroz from this painful, deadly disease?

    Make your choice. Then make a difference. Every single day. Give now at

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  • Keep joy and hope alive

    Moments like this are made possible by the generosity of people like you.   

    Keep joy and hope alive with this video. Watch the video. Download the video. Share the video with friends and family so they can see how UNICEF and Kiwanis are, again, making a difference in the lives of countless families around the world. 

    You can download and share more videos on The Eliminate Project website.

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  • Celebrate moms everywhere

    The bond between mothers and their children is one defined by love. This Mother’s Day you can protect this cherished bond and honor mothers everywhere through your gift to The Eliminate Project.

    The 2015 Mother’s Day Zeller is available through June 15. Through the Zeller Fellowship Program, a gift of US$1,250 to The Eliminate Project will help save or protect more than 690 lives from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

    Become a Mother’s Day Zeller Fellow this spring. To honor your generous contribution you will receive a special-edition 2015 Mother’s Day Zeller brooch, a Zeller Fellowship Medallion and a personalized certificate. You can also make your gift in the name of your mother—or any woman who has been an inspiration.

    Make a mother’s love a force for change. Protect the connection between mothers and babies in the 24 countries where MNT remains a threat. Let’s give these families a reason to celebrate.

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  • Thank you to our newest donors

    Thank you to our newest donors (3/9/15-3/17/15) who will help save lives and eliminate MNT forever. 

    Model Clubs

    Coral Gables Latin / Florida district
    Deniliquin / Australia district
    Greater Pine Island / Florida district
    Lakeland / Florida district
    Lehigh Acres / Florida district
    Madisonville / Kentucky-Tennessee district
    Mansfield Afternoon / Texas-Oklahoma district
    North Central / New York district
    Rockledge / Florida district
    Stuart / Florida district
    Sunrise Vista / Cal-Nev-Ha district
    Valley Center / Cal-Nev-Ha district
    West Bradenton / Florida district
    West Seattle / Pacific Northwest district

    View our complete list of donors and learn more about our recognition opportunities.

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  • Marina High School students host charity fashion show

    By Christine Chau, Marina High School, California-Nevada-Hawaii District

    Marina High School in California hosted the third annual “Rags to Runway” event on February 6, 2015.

    “Rags to Runway” is our club’s charity fashion show and live auction event. Models strut down the red carpet, and the audience bids on their outfits. One outfit, a simple t-shirt, sold for a whopping US$70. Not only was there a fashion show to support The Eliminate Project, but raffle tickets were sold, live music played and a thrift shop was filled with clothes.

    We raised US$767, which will help save or protect more than 425 women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). When our fundraising total was announced, I cried tears of joy because I knew, in the name of protecting the lives of children and women, all the months of planning paid off.

    My board members and I started collecting clothes in July 2014 and hosted clothing drives through early February to prepare for this event. We are extremely grateful for the clubs at Marina High School, such as Fashion Board, Key Club International, Red Cross and Make-a-Wish, that helped to make this event possible. They sold food and donated raffle baskets to support The Eliminate Project. Overall, more than 100 people attended the event.

    I want to encourage clubs that are thinking of hosting a large event. It is absolutely possible with a dedicated team, hard work and passion for the community. Our club did the typical bake sales and car washes in the summer, but an event like “Rags to Runway” is unforgettable. It absolutely hits one's heart if every individual really takes the time to learn about the cause. In the summer, I sent more than a dozen emails and mailed different companies to ask if they would sponsor our event. It took hours of my time, but it was worth it.

    Our biggest sponsor prize, used for the raffle prize portion of the event, was a US$75 Target gift card donated by our local Target. So many people are willing to help, especially if it is for an amazing cause like The Eliminate Project.

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  • Achieving a better future, one village at a time

    By Gabriele Neumayr-Stof, Europe 2 Region Coordinator

    Upon first impression, one might wonder how a village in Cambodia hindered by extreme poverty and filled with basic huts that many call home could be transformed into a vaccination campaign site. But UNICEF and its local supporters make it work, in Cambodia and villages around the world. 

    Volunteers are selected to spread the word about upcoming immunization campaigns. They share the dates weeks before the campaigns and educate the community about the importance of the tetanus vaccine. Mothers come, some with long journeys, and gather in front of a hut to receive their vaccines from UNICEF-supported health workers. 

    There was a willingness of mothers toward vaccinations; they want to do the best for their children. I felt the mother-child bond intensely. We really are helping protect the connection in countries around the world like Cambodia. Our donations are helping protect mothers and their babies from the cruel disease. They are the reason why we are committed to raising funds in our districts.

    Looking into the eyes of mothers, listening to them and feeling their gratitude, touched me.

    One woman told me that one of her children died shortly after birth. She did not know why. Only after she was educated by the health workers did she understand the risks of infection without having received proper doses of the tetanus vaccine. Since then, she has learned about the dangers of traditional customs such as brushing the umbilical cord with ashes, cow dung or spider webs, and she has received the necessary vaccinations. This too is the effect of what The Eliminate Project helps make possible and shows the influence of our donations.

    UNICEF trains local health volunteers to ensure information arrives in the villages. We attended one of the trainings. The presentation was translated to us. More important for me was to observe the voices and faces, each curious and interested in what they were hearing. Quiet but forceful words made all aware of how they can affect the life and death of their children. 

    Then each group developed strategies for their village on flipcharts. I will never forget the commitment of these health volunteers, being responsible for the educational communication in their village, and being proud to be selected specifically for this purpose. 

    I asked why they had taken on this task. Their response: They would like to contribute to better health in their village and achieve a better future.

    The atmosphere was so intimate that some even talked about their own experiences, including one of the men. He lost his mother and his sister because of tetanus. He repeated again and again how happy he was that he got the opportunity to educate people and prevent others from this fate. He made this mission his personal goal in life.

    I am so thankful for these personal experiences. I will never forget the grateful and hopeful faces.

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  • Ready to take action?

    It’s time to get fired up. To refresh your inspiration. To set new goals. To boost participation. To build momentum for our final march to victory.

    Worldwide Call to Action will take place on April 15. This special day will pair The Eliminate Project region and district coordinators in a 45-minute call with Chairman Randy DeLay. The result? Conversations centered on action and specific steps to increase fundraising activity in the weeks leading up to the Kiwanis International convention.

    Are you ready to take action? Involve members of you Kiwanis club on April 15:

    • Set new fundraising goals for your club.
    • Brainstorm exciting fundraising ideas to raise funds and enhance participation and help save lives.
    • Help increase your district’s progress before the call with Chairman Randy. Ask your Kiwanis club to consider a Model Club commitment or upgrade your club’s existing commitment.

    It is amazing what can be achieved when our teams work together. We reach new goals—and save even more lives! This Worldwide Call to Action will position our team for continued success that we will celebrate in Indianapolis.

    Stay tuned for more information about the big day. And be sure to visit The Eliminate Project website on April 15 for updates from the region calls.

    Together, let’s take action and reach new heights for The Eliminate Project

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