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Introduce yourself, open doors

As an alumnus of Key Club International, you have a network of professionals to turn to for career advice. Use the Key Club Alumni LinkedIn Group to tap into that network—and make steps toward your desired career field!

With over 80,000 Key Club alumni at your disposal, you are bound to find a professional that has your dream job. But if you never ask, you’ll never know. We strongly encourage you to introduce yourself to fellow Key Club alumni on LinkedIn!

How do you start? Here’s an example:

“Hello, fellow Key Club Alumni! My name is __(your name)__, a __(graduation year)__ Key Club graduate from __(your school or location)__. I am interested in learning more about __(desired career field)__. Can anyone offer insight or connect me to any professions in this field? I am eager to hear from you! From one Key Club alum to another, thank you for your service.”

It may be surprising how far a simple introduction can get you in the professional world. Don’t wait until you need a job to start networking—tap into your professional network right now! Take a moment to introduce yourself to the Key Club International Alumni LinkedIn Group.

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