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Service minds unite

Your journey doesn’t have to end with Key Club—and the next step doesn’t necessarily have to be a classic Kiwanis club. You’ve got options! Here are a few:

  • Internet-based club. Offers flexibility for traveling alumni who cannot attend regular meetings. Meetings are generally held in chat rooms, and technology is used extensively to keep members connected.
  • Young Professionals club. Meets the needs of younger members with busy lifestyles, thanks to flexible meeting and service project schedules. This club uses more technology in club operations and provides social activities for members. 
  • 3-2-1 club. If you want to meet less and serve more, this club type is right up your alley. Each month you can expect three hours of service, two hours of social activity and just one hour of meetings.

If you’re also an alumnus of Circle K, consider a Circle K International Alumni club, which is similar to a classic Kiwanis club—but with lower member dues and less voting rights. And just like Key Club, the classic club format offers regular meetings and a variety of service opportunities.

Life has changed since you graduated. So maybe what you want from a service club has changed too. You’ve always got options. When you’re ready, a Kiwanis club will be eagerly waiting for you!

Kiwanian and Key Club member
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